About me

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Hello There (with a big smile),

My name is Fenny Setiawan. I am Indonesian that currently live in Malaysia for almost 7 years now. I am married with Malaysian husband and we have a lovely daughter that really add bundle of joys in our life.

My daily job is an instructional designer and trainer at the education field, I enjoy my job because I really have a passion in education industry. Therefore I also love creative industry. I admire Indie designers, stylist and photographer. I think their works are really awesome. I adore everything handmade, fashion, travel and styles.

This blog is my cozy sanctuary. The reason to have this blog is for me to write, share and comment about beautiful finds and my own journey of beautiful life that I have with my family.

I really hope that along the way of this blog journey, I could meet fabulous, creative, warm people and connects with them to continue to live life, love dream and stay fabulous. :)

Yeah... so happy reading and you are all welcome to contact me at : f4fabulous@yahoo.com or sfenny@yahoo.com




  1. What a beautiful family photo and a gorgeous baby girl!

  2. I saw your name and immediately thought that you might be Indonesian! I am Japanese living in Jakarta. I love living here. Just wanted to drop you a line and say hello! I am also a BYW graduate. :) You have a beautiful blog! Kaho