house hunting #1

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

We are pretty happy to stay at our old place for almost 6 years, therefore as we have additional member now, we think that soon our little studio apartment won't be sufficient anymore to cater our family. We plan to have bigger space, at least 2 to 3 bedroom .

We have been searched around to see the places in the location that we like. But it is very difficult to find a place that we really want. if not the right location then either the price is to high and the place is really run down.

Either the property increased the prices or our requirement is too difficult to fulfill comparing with the price that we willing to spend.


1. prefer low rise apt
2. not so far from the city but not at the city it self
3. preferably have green view or house area surround it
4. good security, child friendly and if possible pet friendly too

Currently we still deal with few agent to find the right place that we can call home :)
I have something in mind what the place would be though....

Searching continue....

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