house hunting #2

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

These two days we went to view 2 unit of the low rise condominium (part of our requirement to find a new place to stay). Both place are reasonable, 2 rooms and 2 bathroom, equip with balcony. We are now weighing which place that we should consider either/or find more places before we make our final decision.

Choice #1

Good points;
1. Very nice landscaping with few pools and plenty of greens and play ground
2. Minor renovation, we just need to pain, change the light and fit in the furniture
3. Have a nice balcony and a pool side
4. Good security

Not so good points:
1. Very high density
2. Slightly out of our budget

Choice #2

Good point;
1. Low density, quiet and a perfect place to start a family (many matured tenant, mostly with families)
2. Old place but well kept
3. Strategic location and easy access for both of us
4. The price is within our budget

Not so good point:
1. The agent is sucks!!! (the service of the prop. agent is really important for us)
2. Need a major renovation, it is very run down unit with all the broken tiles and poor piping.
3. Monthly maintenance is bit expensive (because of low density, only less than 120 units)

I hope we can make our decision based on those good and bad points. I know it is very difficult to decide, especially involve big amount of money and also our future home to start a family, therefore God willing... He will provide us the best :)
And I just hope to be able to give our litle one a comfortable home with lotsa of love... and toys :p

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