I am back

Monday, July 19, 2010

It is very scary and traumatic when the first time log in to my blog again today, the blog that I abandon almost a year. But it is really inevitable to not having a bad mood and reluctant to write a blog while I was pregnant, having a baby and adjust my life as a new mom :).

Now, as my baby already 4 months old, and I started to settle down as a working mom, then I decided.. it is a good time to blog again. And store my thought, my preference, my whatever virtually.

I haven't think about whether I shall stick with my previous blog concept or involve my daily life to this blog. Anyway, as a start, I try to blog once or two times a week. That shall be a good start :).And this is the picture of my daughter that will evolved and inspired my blog :)

{image: personal}

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