house hunting #3 - end of the hunting!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

This is going to be the last post about house hunting. Yay! we found a new place to stay. It is an excruciating journey, involve argumentation, doubtful feeling, and certainly not so wise financial decision.

We are not rich people, but my husband and I work very hard to achieve the life that we want. In life, is not all about money, there are more things to enjoy than only making money. When we bought this house, we aim for better security, neighborhood and also more quality of life.

It gonna be struggle for few years financially, but we are happy with our decision. There won't be much money left for our renovation, therefore we need to be wise for spending and generate the economical idea yet an ideal place to stay ( at least according to our standard).

This few days, I was reading and browsing to find an idea how to make our new home homey :)..
Yay.... gonna be an exciting journey ahead. And thanks for apartment therapy for giving so much idea...

And in the future post, I will be sharing our project :)

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