Lunar year

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

According to my mom I am half Chinese and half everything else. Literally everything else, because it is mix between Javanese, baba nyonya, and little bit of Dutch. But I am not unique, because generally there aren't pure breed for Indonesian Chinese.

When people asked me, do I celebrate Chinese New Year? my answer is I am not sure. Well, may be when I was so much younger I celebrated the festive more than I am now.

I still remember during my childhood, my grandma used to cook for us during the reunion dinner. I was always looking forward for that event as I was able to taste the variety of the festive home cooking, she would cook more than 10 dishes for more than 30 people. Her daughter in law (including my mom) would help her to prepare the dishes. And we are the grandchildren would help her to set the table and welcoming the other relatives :).

The next day during the new year day it self, we gathered to her house again and had a high tea. Yes, a high tea at the Chinese new year day! It is a little bit odds. She will baked the delicious spiku cake (it is classic dutch cake recipe) and brew the red English tea with her most precious English porcelain tea set (she only use it once a year during the Chinese new year day). At the day our parents, uncles and aunties would distribute the ang pao (money inside red envelopes). And I was happy to get much money to spend every once a year :).

Now my grandma is getting old and everyone were moving apart (including me), they never really celebrate the festive anymore. Just a simple reunion dinner at the local restaurant, gather the remaining family at our hometown back to Indonesia. Nowadays I don't really feel festive anymore during the Chinese new year. We normally just have a simple reunion dinner with my parent in law and few close friends.

The tradition was abandon but the memories remind. I truly miss it.

Happy Chinese New Year.


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