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Thursday, January 6, 2011

I am very occupied with work right after came back from my short new year break. It is a hectic day, lots of things need to be done. I don't event have time to sit quietly to do my quarterly planning (I know I suppose to do it earlier). Therefore I was pleased that my new year break was as pleasant as I planned. We had home meal, quiet time and plenty of rest... relaxing.

Then my mind start wondering.... what if I am not a working mom, what will I do during weekdays (We have our weekend routine set already).

I obviously will take care my daughter and won't be feeling heart breaking anymore to send her to day care everyday, then I will cook for my family because home meal is always pleasant and healthier.

I might enroll baby music or art class with Dania twice a week, It is good for her and me to socialize with other babies and moms. Then we also will do our grocery shopping or just hang out for coffee with my close friends once a week. Till then the weekend will be approached and we can spend the entire weekend as family (together with Dania's daddy :p) in our usual schedules .

And when things gets into routine, I want to start to do my pending list :)

1. I will enroll the online blogging course conducted by Holly from decor8 . I admire her and she is truly inspired me.

2. I will help my dear friend who had a kindergarten to be a guest teacher. I done few times at different schools and I love it. I like to facilitate kids learning with technology.

3. I will go to cooking class or baking class and learn how to make macaroon (I love macaroon :p)

4. I might want to teach or coach part time too, so my knowledge wont be wasted and earned some money back after I spent it most for my cooking class :).

5. And I definitely want to pursue my Phd.

For now my 2011 resolution is just want to live a simpler life, but I am working toward my "what if"....

"God is with those who persevere" - unknown

image: {magalerie} - her fine art photography is such a doll :)



  1. Hello Fenny,
    Thanks a lot for featuring my photos in your lovely blog.
    Good Luck with your 2011 resolutions.
    All the best,

  2. Hi Magalerie,
    Thanks for drop me a message at my humble blog :). I luv your photo, I hope someday I can purchase one.