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Friday, February 18, 2011

I found Sonja Rieser tiny cutie pie shop by accident during our recent trip to Zurich. We only had three hours to explore Zurich city before our flight back to home. I read through the tourist guide and I found that Zurich city divided between old and new town. I quickly skipped the new town where big shopping complex located and went straight to old town that we will be able to explore variety of shop belong to local artist. And I was glad I did so.

The old town looks really classic with of course old buildings, narrow street and mostly handmade brand by local artists or vintage stuffs. The shops have characters, whenever I observed each shop, I can feel there is story in each of them. They are very personal, very authentic designs and styles.

Sonja Rieser shop located at the quiet small street at the old town area, baby blue color and has a tiny door. The window display is so intriguing. Her choice of color is so vibrant. And I immediately can feel that she made things her self , because I feel something very personal about the stuffs that she displays. Therefore she mix her own made with vintage goods. It is just a perfect combination for me.

Inside her shop is just as lovely as the window display. She makes applique's crochet and hand made children dresses. Very lovely. Unfortunately the material is bit thick for Malaysia weather. If not I was dying to buy one for my daughter. In the end I bought from her hand made key chain (combination of crochet and beads). Here is the picture that I took after my trip, I put it on the table hanging onto my lovely found vintage kettle from my trip to Qatar.

She also sell vintage duplicate of kids toys. I bought tea cup set toys for Dania. It made from tin with vintage motif. Lovely!

I was lucky that I met her personally. I took picture with her and her dog also asked her permission to take the picture of her shop. She is friendly, but we can't communicate much as she speaks only German. At the short conversation that we made, I knew enough that she works from her lovely studio located at the back of the shop (that I wish I could take pictures of her lovely studio too, but I was afraid to ask) and she manage her own shop by her self.

I imagine her life is so fun. She has her own little heaven where she can create and she lives in one of the most beautiful city in the world.

Life is good when you always feel contented :)

Here are some pictures of her lovely shop.

She also has a blog that you can check at this link. (in German language).


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