Happy Weekend

Saturday, March 19, 2011

{picture taken at one afternoon at cafe - Grand Canal, Venice}

Ever since I have Dania I never blog at weekend. I used to write weekend series to post my own personal picture and mood that I have toward the weekend :), something like this.

Today is different, I spent the whole Saturday by my self. I felt guilty that I did not spend as much time as I want with Dania because I left to Brunei for my working trip this week and still today I send her to her granny. Therefore she will have a great time there, so I am pleased to know that :). My husband always working at alternate Saturday.

Today is a good day for me (everyday actually is a good day for me ;p). I felt inspired. I finally managed to complete the final prep for Dania' s birthday tomorrow afternoon, yay!
I also catched up with my BYW class, do my assignment and took many pictures to post it at my blog next week... double yay!

I feel delighted too because I just bought two decorating books. One is from my fave blogger cum teacher - Decorate. I can't wait for Amazon to send it to my door. It will be a long waiting. But it worth :).

I know I will have a great weekend. I wish the same to you too. xoxo


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