Have a good weekend

Saturday, March 26, 2011

{grocery shop at Zurich old town}

Weekend is coming...yay!

This weekend I plan to go for grocery shopping. I need to cook fresh and healthy food for my daughter who just discharge from the hospital...mommy will cook a yummy homemade food for you darling :).

I always love to go to the fresh market, I found it's very fascinating to see and smell fresh veggies, fruits and spices. Unfortunately I do not have chance as much as I want to go fresh market, we have to just stick with supermarket shopping for now.

I told my good friend who I called her the queen of 'fresh market' (because she knows so well about all types of veggies, spices, ingredients whatever you name it at the market) to give expat women detour to fresh market and explain those to them and how it can be cooked and served be a yummy homemade meals... after all she has her cooking class regularly, why not to be a tour guide at the fresh market :).

How about you friends? do you like to shop at your local fresh market?...

Happy weekend!



  1. This is a great photo! I love fresh markets for food. Especially since having children as nutrition is so important for them.

  2. The local markets are what I miss most about my old town. Since moving back home after finishing school I haven't been able to find any good local markets. Buying local is just so much nicer.

  3. Thanks for drop me a comment,It made my day :)

    Hope all of us stay healthy by buying more fresh food :)