Memoirs of Haru

Monday, March 28, 2011

"Haru means Spring in Japanese and Haru means feeling touched (normally by something sad or something happily overwhelmed) in Indonesian."

Japan has been painfully shaking by the massive Tsunami that happened two weeks ago, and the news has been repeatedly exposed about the progress of the recovering of the country.

I read at twitter about how Japanese expressed their feeling of loosing their belonging and someone dear in their heart. It is heartbreaking yet very uplifting story how they stand at their dignity in the midst of trouble. I am touched. It brought me tears in my eyes every time I prayed silently for them it also brought me back of my memory when I visited the country two years ago almost the same time when the disaster happened two weeks ago. But at that time was a happy story, spring was just begun, the breeze from the winter still felt in the air while the Sakura started bloom and left its beauty to enjoy.

From the country that forever summer, I felt blessed that I have opportunity to witness the nature beauty that Honsu has to offer during Spring. I saw people were enjoying each other companion at the park, contented. I felt the warmth of the people who always bend their head and generously said arigato (thank you) for the little things that you've done to them.

Japanese people are also generally very helpful, with their limited English that they could communicate they still tried very hard to save me at my lost at the street market to find the way back to my bus. Most of the places that I visited are also very safe. I have funny story about the safety that I am very cautious. I just bought an expensive umbrella (in my opinion it is expensive) from Tokyo Disneyland, it cost me RM100 (USD32), cute beige umbrella with frill and mickey mouse head all over the umbrella. When I went to Kyoto to visit the old town and explore rows of traditional shops, it was raining so I proudly used my umbrella. but when I wanted to enter the shops, I need to put my umbrella outside the shops, they provide boxes for each umbrella. I was afraid people will take my umbrella (shame on me to think that way). Then, when I saw the umbrella boxes ,there were plenty of branded umbrella, few Burberry, one Gucci (if not mistaken) and few cuter umbrella than mine :). They were safely at the boxes and the owner would take with them after finish shopping. I couldn't imagine if it is at my home country the Burberry or Gucci umbrella would be disappeared within few minutes :).

It was a very memorable travel journey. Here I shared some pictures during my traveling trip. The memoirs of Haru....

{things that I saw at Kyoto old town}

{clockwise: shop at Kyoto old town, takoyaki shop at Osaka,
Giant lentern at Asakusa- Tokyo, Ferris Wheel at suburb Tokyo}

{Downtown Osaka at night}

{The famous Ginza - the most expensive street at Tokyo down town}

I really pray God will bless people in Japan. Always give them strength to recover. I always believe when there is a will there is always a hope.

And I also forever greatful that my friends, my friend's family, friends of friends, they are all save over there.


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