mood board with love

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I dedicated this post for my lovely daughter that now is in the hospital. She just admitted two days after her first birthday celebration. She is asleep and my mother in law are taking care of her when I wrote this post. These few days was a tiring day for us to take care of her, but she has been very good girl and willing to corporate with the doctor and nurses. Anyway she always be a good girl :).

I created my very first mood board (well, I made mood board once at five years ago, and that's doesn't count) for my BYW - by Holly Decor8 's class assignment. I am not sure what to do with it. It has to be something represent my personal blog niche, and I am still figuring out what is my niche :)

My life is evolved around my family. Others are second priority. Since we had Dania, She is become my world, she adds joy in our family. I love her to death. Event I am very seldom to write about her or share story about her development, but my mind never stop thinking about her, she made me to be a better me today :).

Recently she celebrated her 1st birthday with dear family and close friends and kids. I decided to DIY all the birthday props as I can't find the ready made props that I want locally (there are bunch of lovely online props from US and UK, but courier service is out of budget). So I bought clip arts from my fave online shop My Grafico (I blog about it here), then I DIY-ed my self.

I use simple program to put the clip arts and words together. I made birthday invitation from the used baby food bottle that I collected over a year when Dania still consumed the ready made baby food. I put the chocolate strawberry candies and distributed to dear family and friends. I strongly believe invitation should be something personal and attractive, to make the ones you invited feel want to attend to your party. I also made pom pom that I bought RM5 for 12 pcs at Daiso, birthday banner, welcome notes, etc that having similar pattern within the theme.

While was doing this preparation, I gathered my thought inside a pink box, then I made it as a mood board for my assignment. It is a simple one (comparing with my classmates, they are awesome). But it made with love. This is my first DIY project for my First daughter at her First Birthday celebration.

That is the story of my first mood board, but I will write and share more picture during her birthday celebration. Writing about her always makes me smiles... so why not to do it often :).



  1. fenny... really salute you for your patience with the craft work... and can really sense your super motherly love for dania. i hope i'm like that too when i become a mom :)

    btw, you use what lense to take photos? and i like the color tones :)

  2. Thanks SiewLi, And you will do the same too when you become a mom :).
    I use EOS450D with 55mm lenses (macro lenses), It is not expensive and a good lenses to take close up.