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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I was spending my last Sunday browsed through Sweet Paul digital magazine - Special Kids issue, Spring 2011. I love it. It is lots of DIY project and recipes ideas for kids. If you have kids and wish to cook healthy food or plan to have DIY projects with your kids, I highly recommend you to read this mag and have a cup of tea compliment with your favorite cakes. But if you don't you still will be enjoying the mag as it will make you captivated with the gorgeous photos at the mag.

Ok back to my intention to post this topic today.
My daily job as an instructional designer and trainer in education field required me to deal with teachers, curriculum designer, educator administrators, etc . We work together to design the teaching curriculum to be more engaging for learners (I'd rather to call students as learners). One of the main teaching tools nowadays is to combine the technology in teaching, ranges from iPad to Interactive Whiteboard, from free webs to Facebook. The young learners learns differently. They are digital native. They are exposed by technology at the very young age as young as my daughter age (12 months), she already played with my iPad to learn and enjoy interactive apps of Nursery rhymes. The education world is not evolve around chalk and board alone anymore :).

But in the contrary, apart of my profession that required me to instill educators about the use of technology in teaching, I am still a strong believer that kids should own toys. Not a digital toys (i.e iPad, Nintendo, etc), but a real physical toys . Girls still should play with their bunny, doll house, kitchenette, etc and boys still like to own toy car and excited to play with it.

It broke my heart when I bought a cute wooden puzzle for my 3 years old nephew at his birthday, he refused to play with it as he preferred to shoot the airplanes at his Nintendo (He is now 5 years old and his level to play video game is at advance level ). I did not against tech toys but in my opinion, it should be a balance. Role plays is important for kids social development, it makes them more sensitive toward the surrounding.

I am instilling this value to my little girl, despite I still allow her to play with my iPad to listen her nursery rhymes, I still pour her with plenty of real toys. I wish when Dania grows up to be a little girl, she will ask me to play with her doll house or play dress up together :) awws... it will be so fun :). My 5 tops list toys that I would buy for my daughter:

1. Organic/cotton softies that she can hugs and talk to before she sleeps
2. Books in any form (clothes books, wooden books or just children friendly material books)
3. Wooden toys (stacking block, music instrument)
4. Role plays toys (doll house, play dress, kitchenette)
5. Vintage toys (but due too the safety, most of the time I will use it to decorate my kid's room)

Ah... here I compile lovely toys that I would buy for Dania...

{Toys can be found at this three website: Oompa, Acron, Bodie and Fou}

And I heart this vintage-y look robot from Bodie and Fou... isn't it lovely?



  1. Hi Fenny, Your photos look beautiful at this larger size! xo

  2. HI Leslie, Thanks for your help though :)

  3. What a lovely post on Sweet Paul. I love the kids issue. I, too, believe that kids should play with physical toys too. Great post!!

  4. Thanks Jean... Glad that you believe that too :) Happy parenting :)

  5. Oh this is right in my heart Fenny, I soooo agree with you! I also allow my kids to play with the ipad occasionally, but the most of the time they are playing with actual toys. I believe it makes them more creative. And I highly recommend the card board house; we have one in a slightly larger version and my kids love it.
    Hugs, Iris

  6. XOXO to you too Iris. I loveee the card board house. I want it for Dania too :)