Vanille & Zimt

Thursday, March 10, 2011

I was occupied with work so much lately. I have nothing to complain about it though, It just makes me neglected my irregular blogging time become more abandon. I've been trying to sneaking for time to at least write a post that I really want to write since I was back from my Switzerland trip. Simple reason, before my details memory goes faded with only remember vague things. It is to sweet to forget :).

In the same time I diligently read and be a very good student on the BYW course by Holly from decor8. I really enjoy the class so much. I got to know few friends from there too. Lovely!

It has been a very fruitful week for me apart of the hectic schedule.

Ah.. let's start sharing about Vanille & Zimt. I found this sweet dolly shop while walking hand in hand in the freezing -2 deg C at Zurich old town in the morning with my husband. As I share at the previous post here, that we were admiring the small shops around Zurich old town. Each shop has a personal character, each shop developed imagination in my head about the character of the artist/owner, what inspired them, etc.

When I saw Vanille & Zimt, I immediately shout at my head (not out of loud), this is my secret lil dream shop that I would love to have..yay!

Well, here is the things... I love anything about Scandinavian design and style. I can flip the magazine and look at it over and over again, I can scroll and drool whenever I read the blogs about it. Back in my home country, I only have privilege to enjoy IKEA for my secret indulgence. So this small shop obviously drawn my attention.

When I went in, a very friendly lady (apparently not the owner, she is German) welcome us with a big smile, I felt warm immediately. The shop has two story. The interior was dominated with warm white color on the wall and on the wood floor. The first floor display and sell homemade cookies, chocolate and lovely cupcake, baked daily. They displayed the cookies on the colorful paper cone, I found it very appealing. Apparently the husband owner is a pastry chef and homemade these cookies, chocolate and cakes to sell in this!
I bought a blueberry cupcake with Lavender color frosting vanila topping on it, they packed it at lovely box and sealed it with brown ribbon, too lovely to be opened.

In the second floor is display and sell Scandinavia decorative style and fashion. The owner outsource from various vendor. I especially love the stuffs from House Doctor, because of the colorful and flowery design. I also love Noa Noa clothes line from Denmark that they have at their shop. Very light and comfortable. Unfortunately the prices are out of my shopping budget :(.

According to the German lady who I met at the shop, the lady owner (the wife of the chef), is from Sweden (that's answer the question), and very passionate about Scandinavian design and style.

When I walked out, on the way to our lunch, I was day dreaming, I really really want to have my own dream shop... someday... somewhere... inspired!

{image: personal photo}



  1. Oh what a lovely surprise finding our shop presentated in your blog! Thanks :) I'm swedish and married with a swiss pastry chef :) We opened our first Vanille&Zimt shop almost 6 years ago. In a short time we opened two following shops. One in Baden and one in Zürich. Unfortunately we decided to sell/close the two latest opened shops. It was just too much for us to coope with. Family, we got three boys, is the most important thing and now we're all happy and concentarting on the shop we've got in Brugg. Thank's again for this lovely post! Lotta