Creativity e-course by Simply Hue

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I am excited to kick off another e-course this coming Sunday. I was pleased to be part of BYW class last March 2011 by my fave blogger Holly from decor8. And now I will be joining creativity e-course from another fave blogger of mine, Vicky Dvorak from Simply Hue. The e-course called The Raining Umbrella and what will be included in the course and the most that makes me interested is we will get tons of inspiration and encouragement for our creativity journey.

I have a big project (according to my scope it is big enough to handle) in the future. And I am still in the midst of planning and gathering the idea for my project, thus I believe this e-course will benefit me very much.

We never stop learning, right?

{Image by me for F for Fabulous}


  1. Sounds like a fun course! Keep us posted on what you do in class, I'm very interested!


  2. This is so cool! can't wait to hear all about it... and see your inspirations! i know they will be lovely!xx