Doha: The jewel of Middle East

Friday, April 22, 2011

{mosque near souq Wakiq}

Today I went to Petronas Twin Tower (the tallest twin tower in the world) at Kuala Lumpur city center conducted training for my clients. The office located at the 33th floor at the tower, when you looked at the window you will be able to see part of the cities, beautiful. But I am not fans of tall places, and I also not really into city visits. If not because of work I am very seldom to go down to the city. I am unease with the jam, crowd and for God sake I always get lost whenever I drove in the city {even with my GPS}...sigh!

Every time I went to Petronas tower, I always see many of tourist from all over the countries, with their maps, walking GPS, travel book and camera of course. They takes pictures in any different angle with the tower as a background and put a huge smile in their faces and the expression said that 'Yay.. I have been visited the tallest twin tower in the world'. Well no doubt the landmark is a must visit place whenever you come to Kuala Lumpur. Highly recommended :)

The brief experience that I encountered today inspire me to write my travel post in this blog (for those who has been visited my blog, you all know that I sometime will share my travel experience).

Whenever I went to new places and when the time is limited (normally when I am in a stop over city or short business trip), I will always aim for old quarter or cultural places or museum or if none of them exist in the city then my last option will be a local market or local place to sample the local food. See... I am really not a city gal (but I still want to visit Amsterdam city it is in my top list... yeah I am bias!).

Anyway, today I would like to share my stop over trip at Doha, Qatar. We were in Doha this early year during winter when we took Qatar airways to Rome. And we decided to stay one night to explore the city. I never visited Middle East before, but I always visualize at my head that it will be an exotic gate away place, camel, spices and vibrant color hand crafted items. Well the reality is not that far though :).

We only had one day. And me being me, of course I planned to visit old quarter (hubby just follow whatever I planned, he is an easy man ;p). If you only have a short time, there are two places that I recommend you to visit, one is Corniche, it is a Doha's bay where you can stroll along enjoy the bay or just enjoy Arabic cuisine along the bay. Second is Souq Wakiq, the biggest souq (traditional market) at Doha. Our choice went to the second option. We love souq Wakiq. Your eyes will be spoiled by rustic feel of Arabic architectures , wide ranges of international cuisine at the cozy restaurant or just enjoy your mint tea and baklawah (sweets) at the Arabic or Moroccan cafe like we did.

Shops are interesting too. They mostly sell Arabic costumes (I really do not know what they called, for the woman will be the black dress to cover the whole inner costume and for man will be the checkered head scarf). My hubby bought one of the head scarf and wear it to protect from the very heavy wind, we checked with the seller if he is not Moslem can he wear it, and the man said of course, it is not a religion thingy, it is just their costume, and in fact it really make my hubby keep warm from the heavy wind at winter.

There are few shop sell vintage goods and plenty of shop sell Arabic delicacies and spices , we bought vintage kettle, rustic candle holder, dolls that represent Qatari people and also a very delicious pistachios. I was pleased :). Also, Doha is just so save, clean and people are very polite and friendly. The city is not as big as Dubai or Abu Dhabi but the souq is a worth place to visit if you ever stop over in this country

Here I share the pictures that I captured at the souq.

For more info to visit Doha, you can click to their official tourist website here. May be you would like to try the dessert safari or sand boarding :).



  1. Love love the beautiful photos fen! you should travel more so I can see more places. hahaha

  2. Vi I wish I can travel more haha...thanks for visiting doll :)