Felt: from New Zealand with love

Friday, April 1, 2011

Last week I was thinking about the indie artist community at New Zealand. Why suddenly this country? I wasn't sure either. May be because this country is one of our shortlisted country where we want to be when we were retired :) (me and hubby has the dream lists of the retirement place that we would like to consider)

Then I Google it and I found Felt the handmade market place in NZ. It is not as big as Etsy and I believe it is a very close knitted community among NZ Indie artist as mainly the seller is also from the country it self, but some deliver the goods to worldwide.

I was exploring the site and eye picked below items that I think is unique and really affordable for a good quality of handmade items.

I personally ready to buy the handmade magnet from Tinch, the birdie magnet made from vintage paper recipe is a lovely steal.

May be some of you are already known about this online marketplace. But it is still very worth to check 'what's new" there. Happy shopping :)

Image are from:
1. Zippitydoodah (doll, flower pin and owl cover)
2. Minu (Illustration)
3. Free range baby (vintage cranes)
4. Freedom creative (Japanese pin)
5. Elowezil (Moose wall decoration)
6 Tinch (handmade magnet) also check her lovely website here


  1. Love your blog fen. It's looking really good!!

  2. Thanks Fi... It is really an encouragement :)

  3. oh my gosh, what great finds!! :)

  4. Hi Fenny, thank you for your kind email. I really enjoyed looking through your blog. I love how you featured Felt - New Zealand is my second home (my husband is a New Zealander) and it's great to see local talent featured on blogs all over the world.
    Take care

  5. The bird magnet and the felt owl are sooo cute! great find. I'm gonna have to check it out!

  6. Nina... lovely. Thanks to drop by :)

    Jeanne.... go go enjoy your shopping..:)