Have a flowerful weekend

Saturday, April 16, 2011

{handcrafted flower soap, a gift from dear Friend from Krabi - Thailand}

I just came back from meeting my girl friends for Japanese lunch and we went to craft supply shop to find a super size ribbon to decorate our friend's car wedding next month. I saw so many artificial flowers till my eyes blurry :). I am not big fans of artificial flowers, I imagine if only they are all real, it would be so lovely.

There is no particular things happening this weekend. We will be relaxing at home, I try to have plenty of rest, because next week will be a busy week (plenty of meeting and deadline to catch up). Blogging will not be as frequent too, but I am preparing something to read for all of you, so please pay a visit next Monday :).

My heart just worry for my dear friend that now is in hospital, she has bleeding in her brain at her 39 weeks pregnancy, so the doctor need to do operation to take the baby out and she is now in 50-50 life condition. Please say a little prayer for her. She is a mom now and she deserves to spend time with her new born.

Have a good weekend dearest friends. See you on Monday.



  1. My thoughts will be with your friend and her recovery. I wish her well.

    It's supposed to storm here, so I think I will be staying in as much as I can! Maybe do some painting, and maybe work on writing my story... all things indoors!


  2. Oh no! I hope your friend will get through this as soon as possible. I can't imagine how difficult it is for a new mom and the baby to go through this when it is suppose to be a joyful time. :(