Have a romantic weekend

Friday, April 29, 2011

{our romantic dinner on the beach during our holiday at Bali island}

I am going to sign off early from blogging line {and also online}. I want to catch up with the Royal wedding broadcast tonight and spend time with my daughter in between watching the wedding details :).

Saturday morning I will be going to visit the art market organized by Team Etsy Malaysia. I am excited to meet indie artists at the bazar, I think it will be fun. Then afternoon we will drop Dania at her grandparent, because we had wedding to attend, Dania will stay over night at her grandparent place, because me and hubby will play date :).
We plan to chill out at lounge to listen music, drink wine and cuddling after attending the wedding. We might just go to our fave music lounge near by the wedding venue.

Then Sunday we will visit another home exhibition to source things for our new house.

It gonna be a romantic weekend yet a busy one too.

Have a good weekend everyone...


  1. Sounds like you have a very sweet & romantic weekend planned! Fun, too!

    My boyfriend and I are going to the town chili cook-off, it's a food festival, tomorrow.... then to the beach on Sunday. I can't wait to go to the beach. I miss it!!

    Happy weekend!

  2. Hello,

    Well, I hope your weekend was a good one !!
    and I really like your blog, so creative.

    Have a good week !

    Audrey (the Netherlands)