Help to save our earth

Monday, April 25, 2011

Hello Dollls, How is your weekend and Easter celebration (for those who celebrated)? I visited almost of my blogger friends and most you them seem having fun preparing their table setting, meals and decoration for the Easter celebration. it was so fun reading it and felt the warmth of the celebration. Mine was simple, we did not have any special gathering. In fact we spent our Saturday to visit organic market in regards of Earth day. As you know we celebrated Earth day few days ago, and today post was inspired by the occasion. Well I know today is different, I normally did not write this stuffs (earth, environment, etc), but I feel I should share or remind all of us to do our part to protect our earth. I am not asking you to be environmentalist or do anything massive though, because I my self couldn't do that far, but at least we can start to practice as much as possible to reuse and recycle (if you have not) things in our surrounding. I practice to always use recycle bag whenever I do grocery shopping and also throw garbage in the separate garbage bin depend on the label. In here organic products are still not so affordable, I only buy for my daughter skincare and food. I hope I can consume fully organic products and I hope I can just stay at suburb and grow my own vegetable but I know it not going to be happen for now.

During organic marketing, We bought our organic coconut ice cream which turn out to be very yummy. We also enjoyed the indie musician played the songs that dedicated to the Earth. And we made a wish to the wishing tree to the Earth to be kind to us and our future generation :).

{Pictures that I took during organic fresh market}


  1. That looks wonderful Fenny!
    x Iris
    ps how did you manage to include the tape in your collage?

  2. cute pictures! organic coconut ice-cream sound sooo yummy right now! Where do you get the graphics for the tape you use? they are so cool!