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Monday, April 18, 2011

Hello Dolls, how 's your weekend? I hope you have a great week ahead. For me it will be a busy week, catching up with dead line and few important meeting. I foresee I won't be able to blog much this week, so I prepared something for you who so happened drop by here, a five fabulous blog link. I've been following them this pass few weeks and I love their blog so much, full of inspiration, creative idea and genuine sharing.

Popping by to my lovelies blogger friends and reading fabulous blogs will usually made my day, distress me from my hectic day and make me feel creative again. So thank you for visiting, I would sure be visiting yours too :).

Here I wrap up for you, friends (there are no particular order from the least to most, I love them all equally and it is merely my honest opinion without any other influences).

1. Simply Hue by Vicki Dvorak
I actually follow Simply Hue two years ago, but then I did not visit her blog for quite sometime (shame on me to be missed such a gorgeous blog). Only recently I re-visited again and I am falling in love again with her genuine opinion about home decor, beautiful photography and also creative decoration. She will conduct her creativity e-course - called Raining Umbrella this Spring (date is TBA), so you can check it out if you are interested on the creativity course.

2. Smile and Wave by Rachel Denbow
This blog is perfect for vintage lover and a huge fans of thrifty DIY projects. She is a vibrant momma with two gorgeous kids, she blogs mostly on vintage find and often share her never ending redecorating projects of her vintage style home. She is also conducting e-course (with few guest teachers) on Style your space. The course is about styling a home with a budget. Oh she also one of the co founder of Red Velvet shop, a gorgeous collection of handmade accessories and vintage wear.

3. Secret of a butterfly by Kathryn
I found 'Secret of a butterfly' by accident when I was randomly clicking at Decor8 blog's friend. And this blog immediately makes me warm at heart. Especially after I read about Kathryn's journey, despite having ME syndrome yet she still be very positive and live life to the fullest. When you visited her blog, you will be spoiled by the romantic photography captured by her, lovelies finds and warm thoughtful stories.

4. Lobster and Swan by Jeska
May be most of you will already know 'Lobster and Swan' blog, I knew it for sometime ago whenever I browsed through other fabulous blogs, Lobster and Swan will be always on their blog links, but then I never really check it up. Recently, I re-discovered and this time I checked it up and I am hooked :). She shares her beautiful finds with her readers divided into several categories/column . My personal fave of her regular column are 'survival guide and dressing room. Go check it out! :)

5. A cup of Jo by Joanna Goddard
This blog is witty, funny and genuine. A cup of Jo's author Joanna Goddard is magazine's writer who live in New York with her hubby and her son Toby at their cozy apartment in Manhattan. She writes her experience as a mom and what basically inspired her on daily basis. I love to read her blog because it gives me a cozy feeling, it uplifts my mood after a hectic day from work. This blog is perfectly great to accompany your evening, sitting at your fave sofa and enjoy your cup of tea. Her blog also has regular giveaway. Give it a try! :)

So yeah... that is all for today (or may be this week). I promise to share more on this week if I really have time and inspiring things to share, if not till time we meet again (not too long, no worries...), thanks again for visiting, please come back for another day :) and have a nice day..xoxo.

{Images are from respective authors that I compiled , some may not from their own photograph, when you would like to use the images above, please link back to the original website, thank you}



  1. Thanks for introducing me to these blogs. I always like reading why people follow certain blogs. I hope had a great weekend and this week won't be too stressful. xoxox Nina

  2. Anytime Nina :) Have a good week ahead for u.

  3. These are great blog links! I'm going to have to check them out. It's nice to constantly have fresh ideas and inspirations. Hope your work week is not too stressful! xo, Jeanne