Local delight : lovely miniature dolls from Evangelione

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Hello... let's meet with Elizabeth the ballerina, Betsy or little Audrey and many more :)
... yes they are the miniature doll made by Evangelione .

Well... I am very pleased I found Evangelione at the local news paper that I read last Saturday. And I am double pleased that she is a local artist from here, Malaysia. I've been searching for a local talents that I can write and share about their beautiful works (and I am still searching to more) with you.

When I saw Evangelione's blog I am falling in love at the first sight to her dolls, not only because they are cute and they are handmade, but I can feel that every dolls has own characters (They also have name too), it is not just another Barbie and Kent wears different pretty dresses. It is something to made with love to suits you (because you can choose which dolls you like, and also customize it for you). Lovely!

In my personal opinion, the design of the dolls, dolls accessories, dolls house are really Zakka. it is simple, sweet and really put afford into details. And another thing that I feel (allow me to be silly), Evangelione dolls is like Camilla Engman Illustrations comes alive :). Camilla is one of the illustrator that I really admire. Her work speaks to me because every drawing that she had tells stories. I am not trying to compare both artist, They do different things. But I believe both has passion in their work, that is why left deep impression for those who really enjoy their work. Furthermore, Zakka is from Japan but also influenced by Nordic - Scandinavian design, and Camilla is from Sweden... so you see the connection here :)

Below is my eye picked items from Evangelione. You can give your eye a stress therapy by enjoying Evangelione website here, she also sells her work at her Etsy shop. And aren't you impressed by the doll house that she made? I want to have the real one like that :)

Note: I am thinking to email her personally and tell her how awesome she is and let's meet up for coffee...ahh.. is that sound ok?


  1. Wonderful creatures and I LOVE the dollhouse!! I love miniature things... so sweet and precious! Did you take the photos? They are really good!

  2. Shari, Thanks for drop by :)
    I did not take the pictures I download from Evangelione website ( you can check her site and her shop too). There will be Zakka/miniature exhibition next 7th May 2011 here, and she will be there. I hope I can pay a visit.

  3. yessss....!!! i saw it in the Star last week and it was like love at first sight..!! My kids were so crazy and begging me to buy some for them..!!

  4. It is lovely right el? go get it :)