Lovely package from Tinch

Thursday, April 14, 2011

I just wanted to drop by for a while and share with you, my package that I ordered through Felt the handmade marketplace from New Zealand was arrived yesterday. I bought birdie magnet made of vintage parsnips recipe paper from Tinch (I blogged about it here).

It wrapped in simple brown envelope with lovely cloths sticker with Tinch logo. The note from Helen (the owner of Tinch) made me smile, she gave me little gift of vintage heart magnet since she knew that I love vintage. How nice of her...

This is why the reason I love to buy handmade stuffs from Indie artist. They are warm, lovely and made effort to make customer happy. Really made my day! Thanks Helen.

Oh, and please check her shop if you have time...Have a good day, dolls!

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  1. Very sweet! I agree with you,... every time I buy from etsy, the package that I receive always is put together with such care. There always seems to be a little something "extra", too. It makes me happy!

    Have a lovely day, cutie! xox