Nest Pretty Things Kids: Candy eye accesories for your little girl

Thursday, April 28, 2011

When you have a daughter you tend to spoil her with all pretty things, from pretty dress, shoes, accessories, dolls... everything. Well I really do. I am a very girly mommy :) I love to dress my girl with pink or anything pastel, of course as long as it is comfortable. When I opened her wardrobe I realize most of her dresses are in pink color palate and few are in floral pattern. I just couldn't help to buy them all...:).

Dania (my daughter, she is 13 months now) has a little hair. I diligently apply hair lotion on her everyday, to wish that her hair will grow longer and thicker, but it just did not happen, I mean I love the way she is, but it would be fun if she has longer or thicker hair and I can start to put cutie flowery pin on her hairs... oh well!

Anyway, I found a very candy eye handmade girl accessories called Nest Pretty Things Kids by Tamar. A very delicate handmade hair pins, necklaces, bracelet for girls. I love them because beside the candy color it also carry a vintage design. I couldn't stop admire them. I would love to purchase the heart locket necklace for Dania, I can put our little family picture inside the locket, therefore all the accessories (beside the hair pins) are not suitable for children under 3 years old. I sure will wait a little longer and purchase it. Ah.. another good thing when you buy handmade, it always comes with a pretty packing :)

Tamar has a lovely blog called Nest Decorating, please check her blog. She also makes accessories for adult too if you are interested to buy her work.



  1. These pieces are darling... so cute i almost want to wear it myself. i like the yellow heart charm. :)

  2. Don't worry about Dania's hair... when I was her age, I had no hair, either. Now, my hair is really thick and grows so fast! My mom is always jealous of my hair. Feed her lots of seaweed! That's what my mom said helps hair grow, and I believe it works. It has keratin, which is very good for hair and nail growth!

    She's adorable... and I do love those little hair pins and sweet floral necklaces! If I had a little girl, I'd be a girly mom, too... dollhouses, tea sets, flowers... yes!! :-)


  3. Ohh so many lovely pretties for the little ones. I have teenage boys, they chose there things these days. At least one of them loves stylish dressing.