Home project#1 : Dania's room ideas

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Fuihhh.... It seem I have a rushing week and my mind can't stop slowdown. Isn't it awful when you don't really have time to calm down before you headed to bed? Sleeping become not so safe and sound anymore. Oh well, I don't intent to complain at all, life has been always good to me, it just I am bit frustrated if I don't have little time for my self to chill out... for instant.. writing at my blog.

Anyway, I managed to sneak in here..hehe (for several times actually). Some of you know that I am moving house (only God knows when) approx. two months from now (that what I 've been told last three months ago) but still not happening (finger cross, our lawyer will speed up the process). In here Malaysia, sometime the legal process to move house can take a year (what an endless wait). I 've been packing for four months bit by bit, and my home is in chaos with boxes (stress to the max). But well every time I frustrated about it I always remind my self to look forward to decorate our new home, then it will make me smile again :).

Ok, I would like to share with you that I started a new series called "Home Project" in my blog.. yay!. These series are a compilation of the ideas that I gather to decorate our new home. We both (me and hubby) are not an interior designer and never had any experience to decorate home from zero. We are currently stay at 760Sqft apartment (one bed room ) and the previous owner left us with some functional basic furniture (including huge build in wardrobe that turned out to be very useful), and we did our self to redecorate, painted and hunted for thrifty/DIY furniture, and manage to make the house become our home for 6 years. Now times to move on because we have little one that small space is become a concern.

So what I did as an amateur (and also do not have budget to hire an interior designer), I gathered our ideas and I started to search pictures through online magazine and decor's blogs, but I specifically looking at a real home shared by a real people. The reason I want to focus on a real home, I feel it is more personal, warm and affordable idea rather than seeing ideas from the show room/ shop displays.

During my process of gathering the ideas/pictures, I overwhelmed with amounts of beautiful homes, makes me felt very confused. Then what I do, I tried to chuck the project become smaller, instead of letting my ideas scattered all over the places, I decided to do room by room (without letting carried away from the basic idea). We decided to paint our entire house with simple, basic and light color. Pure white is not really practical since we live at the tropical country and sometime can be very dusty and easy to get dirty, so a light gray, or light brown, or beige is the choices of the basic color.

My very first series of 'Home Project' started with my daughter's room. Why? Because we love her so much :) and for the past one year she just occupied a little space in the corner beside our bed at our only one bed room unit. Well I made her crib cozy and lovely, but she deserve more than a corner, right? :). She is now 13 months, in between baby age to be a toddler. First I am confused to decide shall we still use her 'hand me down- IKEA' crib or shall we buy a girl bed for her. But since she still doesn't understand how to get out from the bed her self, crib is still the best option for now to her safety.

I tried to maintain her room color synchronize with our color palate and after I browsed through tons of pictures, I manage to carefully select the picture that represent our idea. These picture below have a basic color, similar crib (Ours is hand me down from friend who got it from IKEA, white color) and still represent a baby girl room. I might just add a huge vintage map or a wall paper with the small flowers pattern in pastel color for the one side of the wall if we decided to paint it light gray to balance the masculine feel of gray color and also not so dull unless we paint the exiting white crib to red color :).

I have few of her picture in different sizes framed in white and light brown wood, I plan to nail it on the wall above her crib and I am still hunting prints and handmade alphabetical collage from Etsy to complete the wall deco.

Dania's room is big enough to put a day bed beside her wardrobe (now she has a 4 tier tiny wardrobe, we plan to buy bigger one from IKEA kid's wardrobe matching her crib). But I am still thinking should we put a day bed, or long shelf cum bench or put mattress on the floor for playing space (the ideas visualize as bellow pictures). Practically day bed will be the best option, because once in the rainy day she can be very clingy to me so I can accompany her to sleep at the day bed. Beside we only have two bed room and one study room. We cant accommodate guests or family but once on the blue moon if it's happen to be my mother in law need to company Dania when we are on traveling, she at least has a bed to sleep :). What do you think? because deepest in my heart I want to go for the third option, to provide her playing space.

And here I use Pictaculous website to create the color palate of her room (I did not attached the color code) for me to easy reference when we buy paints for her room.

Again, this series is merely for our guidance to proceed our renovation and decoration ideas, it might not turn out as it is but at least help us to stay focus.

Next on 'Home Project' is about kitchen..... yay I am excited to gather the ideas :).

Your comment is really valuable and helps me in my projects. Please share your ideas :)

{all images are from Odeedoh, Project Nursery and Bkids, If you would like to use them, please link back to the original website, thank you}



  1. Fenn babes. I like the decor in the second last photo - the one with the rocking horse. Can't wait to see your home all done up! Good luck with the prep! I know it'll be awesome!

  2. Yeah... i m totally in d same boat with you... can't afford to get interior designer yet so confused with so many design ideas... it's kind of fun in the beginning.. Now, it's really getting into my nerve.. Can't even look at the design website anymore..