The story of my home

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

{The view from my balcony}

In today post, I would like to share where we live (me, hubby and my 12 months old daughter) for the past six years (but we are moving soon). This post inspired me when I took the picture of my balcony at dawn recently. I am gonna miss this place when we move out at June 2011.

We bought our 760sq ft apartment when we just got married and I just moved to Malaysia six years ago. At that time was still both of us, so we just bought one bed room unit, now with Dania (my daughter), the space is really not efficient anymore to live with.

Our place is located at the hill and surrounds by old bungalows and terrace houses. It is in the suburb of Kuala Lumpur city. What I love most about the place is the location. I do not like to stay at the main road. I can't stand noise. The hill alone is a steal :) yet the access is very convenience, we can reach the city center by using major highway within 10-30 minutes depending on the traffic.

We love to walk in our neighborhood especially during weekend. After we had breakfast at the small old style cafe at the opposite of our apartment, we will take a stroll and enjoy the fresh morning air (you know when you live in the city, its a privilege to enjoy a fresh air). in the neighborhood. At night when I saw the houses from my balcony, I always imagining what is my neighbor at their house doing. Some really make their house beautiful and made my morning walk more enjoyable by seeing those beautiful houses :).

Below picture is the snippet of things at my home. I really can't show you the interior of my home now, because we started living accompanied by the boxes (haaa... I packed slowly since two months ago). We painted our home with vibrant color (which is I don't really like it anymore). Our living room connected with dining room, we painted Daffodil yellow and one side of the wall with Maroon color. Our bedroom we painted marine blue. The furniture is mostly hand me down furniture from the previous owner, we did a little twist to fit our style, the rest are either from IKEA or my garage sales found.

We sold our house with the furniture. Only my decoration items will go with us. Mostly are vintage finds at flea market, or things that I brought from Indonesia. When we move to our new place, we won't be doing the same concept with our old house anymore. Less color, more simple more sunlight and having wood flooring will be a bonus (we are still considering). I can't wait to start renovating our new house and share with all of you here..:)

Snippet (from first row left to right):
1. Dried pine cone at my bath room that I picked from the nearby forest.
2. Wooden flower message pin, a gift from my hubby friend
3. Paper coffee holder from Cuppacakes by +Wondermilk (free holder when I bought the coffee )
4. A pair of Korean wedding duck - they mate for life, brought back from Korea trip
5. Quilt blanket made by my grandma
6. Vintage chicken decoration that I bought from Melaka (sorry it's dusty... blush!)
7. Ikea lamp at my bed side table
8. Clog that I bought from Japan
9. Terracotta that I bought from Local clay artist at Melaka

Thanks for reading the story of my home. I would love to read yours too :)


  1. Oh so exciting that you are moving Fenny, you will have a new white canvas to paint on! When we moved 3 years ago, we went from a living room with red, yellow and orange furniture, to our current sea colors, which I like so much more.
    Great to see some things from your everyday life. Looking forward to seeing pictures of your new home!

    hugs, Iris

  2. Yeah, along the years our taste also changed haa... Nowadays I prefer simpler color than vibrant. Will share here when we started to reno our new home :)

  3. Totally correct Fen.. When i first moved into our current house 11 yrs ago, i love everything with wood... my furnishing of the house was inspired by modern balinese style. My house has only two tones : white and dark wooden colour.

    After 11 yrs, i got tired of it... Can't stand any wood/earth colour anymore. My new house will be just a simple white and grey, more to colonial sytle with a bit of modern twist.

    It's interesting to see how we evolve, from the taste of furnishing to the taste of fashion to the taste of food... It took me 1 year to be able to swallow teh tarik. The thought of having tea with milk and sugar just too difficult to accept for a girl from Bandung who grew up drinking black chinese tea without sugar. Now, i can't imagine living without it..

  4. Elly, thanks for drop by for the first time :). Happy. And indeed I am agree with u :)