A touch of blue by Ruche

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Have you ever have a color mood? or sometime your eyes or your heart will feel comfortable with certain color to cheer up your day? Today I heart blue color, I feel I am in peace when I see the light/baby blue color palate. And today I want to share my new found online shop - Ruche. I like the motto of the shop 'A modern boutique with vintage touch', it is a perfect shop for people like me who always love the touch of vintage.

Ruche own by a couple - Mai and Josh Olivo since 2008 as an independent online boutique where they hosted small boutique brand and indie designer. Their product ranged from accessories, home decor and fashion. If you are looking for a chick style of curvy and plus size fashion, you could check their curvy size fashion here, I found that they have a sweet collection with affordable price. They deliver worldwide too.

Here is my eye picked items that suits my today mood, a touch of blue by Ruche... enjoy!

{image ; Ruche}

Oh, and Mai Olivo also has a blog to journal her daily finds (mostly about fashion and style), you could check her blog here.

Note: I am experimenting a new layout to collage my blog picture, what do you think?



  1. That little bike is so sweet!

  2. I love the collage type layout, great color theme as well.