Venice in my eyes

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

{Canal grande - Venice , in 1960s photo setting}

This week is a hectic week for me, and I am feeling bit tiring and uncreative. I called it midweek blue, it happen when works is just so tied up with technical things and drained the creative juices off. To be honest, I don't really like paper work, I prefer be out and meet people and I feel good to mingle and immerse with them (them is my clients, my audience), because meeting new people in different situation gives me an inspiration.

When I am feeling overwhelmed about the hectic situation at work, I normally be quieter, I will focus on my to do list to get the things done as quick as possible, then go back home on time, and having my quiet time to be my self again. I always looking forward to be home with my hubby and my daughter, but I also enjoy my 'me' time once a while. It normally happen after I settled her to sleep through the night and my hubby just sitting beside me watching TV or play game and I will be reading my fave blogs and get some inspiration by reading them.

Also, when I am feeling blue, I sometime like to flip through my traveling picture, because it brought me back a sweet memories. We had holiday to Italy last February, and we visited Venice. I still can't believe it that I finally visited the most romantic place in the world. It is beyond my imagination that I would someday with someone that I love will stroll along Grand Canal at Venice... but there I was...:)

What I love about Venice beside the magnificent view, Venice is vehicle free, not event a bike. The only transportation is our feet. I wish I could live in the place like Venice (well I hate driving). We stayed at the 100+ years hotel in the small road near Rialto river (the historical bridge that connect two lands in between grand canal), our hotel is modest but clean and has lovely rustic window and old fashioned wooden floor, the room is overlook the small lane with many small cute shop.

It was winter at that time, the temperature was 2 degree C in the morning, but I felt warm at heart because people in Venice are just so lovely and friendly, everywhere we walk they always said hello, We explored all places, walk through small bridge and canal, enjoyed the rustic houses above the river. We were lost, but it doesn't matter, people said you must get lost when you were in Venice.

We enjoyed having our meal at the cafes near grand canal and we were lucky enough sometime we got to enjoy the sunlight in the midst of winter breeze. I particularly love the venetian muscle cooks with a lots of lemon juice and herb. We ordered 2 big bowl at our wedding anniversary celebration (yes the trip planned for that occasion too, we are married for 6 years now).

It was a relaxing trip to Venice, we woke up early everyday to stroll along the market place and did few shopping, the shops basically sell almost the same things, either the Venetian mask, Murano glass or Burano lace. But I managed to spot some special shop that selling Scandinavian hand made and home decor. I bought my self few souvenirs and embroidered apron. Lovely!

I missed to visit Burano and Murano, but I promise my self to be back there before I die to refresh my memory.. stroll along and gets lost in Venice again.


This picture I took during morning stroll at piazza (square) with my hubby, It was still early in the morning and not many pedestrian, we were sitting at the red bench (can u see?), holding hands and talked about sweet things :)

{Gondola's park}

We took Gondola too, not as what I imagined as before, I thought it would be a romantic ride, but it end up we barely couldn't move and sit together because my hubby need to sit in the other end to stay balance :)

Below is few pictures that I took during my trip that I'd love to share with you.

I think I am getting better while I wrote this post :).
It will still a busy day ahead, and I might only be able to blog again next week. But this is a little pleasure to wind down my tension.
How about you? what are you normally do when you're feeling blue?


  1. Oh, the blues seem to be going around in Blogland! I'm glad you are feeling a little better after your memory walk thru Venice! That gave me an idea for a post, so thank you, Fenny!

    I usually hold my cat, Jimmy Boo, when I'm blue... when he starts purring, I start feeling a little better. I also try to talk with a friend or two. Good luck! And hang in there! You can visit me when you're blue! :-)


  2. Shari dear.... thank you for drop by and make me happy... hugsss.

  3. You are so lucky being able to travel just with your husband...!! I haven't done that in 8 years.. The minute Amber was born, we always travel with kids.. How I miss those moments...;)

    As of now, we can only afford to go out for diners, movies, and shoppings without the kids. Even that, my handphone usually rings at least 3 to 4 times. We still can't leave the kids overnight.. One day, I hope I can do like you did..;)

  4. Ell... I also missed Dania so much during the trip :). But we really make afford to have a break once in a blue moon :)

  5. oh Venice, my favorite city!!! I have been there 4 times now and I feel so at home there. The light, the sounds, the smells, they are unique in the world. And it is truly romantic too... Last October, we made a gondola ride by night and it was amazing; no one on the water and all the shimmering lights of the buildings. Sigh, I cannot wait to go back again...

  6. Oh Iris, I envy you as you ve been there 4 times. I wish I can go often too. I am in love with the place :)

  7. Oh I love this post! I went to Italy for my honeymoon and Venice was our first stop. It's so romantic and beautiful there, I would go back in a heart beat!

  8. Venice!! What a dream trip.

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