The Vintage Drawer: a vintage touch on special occasion

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I am currently helping one of my colleague cum good friend for her wedding preparation. I and few girl friends are in charge for decorating the wedding car, reception table and also helps to run few errands for her. Oh, and I also organize hens day for her and few close friends. We are going to have a mini spa next week to spend time with her intimately before her big day and also after the wedding she will move to this is really a good time to be with her before she really gets busy.

The wedding theme is a candy wedding, inspired by Katy Perry's song - The teenage dream. It will involve a colorful decoration. We will have popcorn and cotton candy machine at the reception area during the cocktail reception. And it would be fun night for everyone :).

I suddenly remember about my own wedding day, it was 6 years ago and it was a simple and intimate wedding, we had church wedding in the morning who attended by family, colleague and friends follow by simple lunch reception provided by the church. But at night, it was little bit special. We only invited 30 close friends at our dinner celebration, It was a long table sit down dining and wine at beside the hotel pool. Few of hubby's close friends flew from Kuala Lumpur (my wedding was in Indonesia). Me and my maid of honor (she is an angel from heaven, she did everything that I could dream of.) DIY -ed our wedding favors, designed the table and chairs setting, invitation, menu, wedding car, everything.

I ordered fresh tropical flower for the centerpiece and bought few large glass bowl to hold the tea candle , placed in between the flower arrangement on the table and DIY-ed mini sequin balls that float inside the bowl and the sequin ball made glittering effect. It was romantic :). My sister made CD compilation of our fave song and printed our picture for the CD's cover, she sew silvery tulle bag and put the CD inside the bag as a wedding favor, we placed it on top of the placemat together with printable DIY menu and name of each dearest guests. My close friend designed my wedding gown, it is an empire cut chiffon dress white with a very light pink color and a touch of French lace on the top that flowing beautifully, and another close friend did our wedding photograph, it is all candid, we do not have prim and proper wedding picture (ehmm... should I take one?). And both of them now are very renown designer and photographer in Indonesia (I don't thing I can afford them now..:p).

I think every girl always has a fantasy about their wedding. I was pleased with mine, but if I have a chance to have another one (with the same man of course), I would want to have a vintage inspired wedding. I want to wear the 1950's wedding gown, delicate lace, high collar and a bit conservative dress. I still want to have it beside the pool (I love outdoor wedding), still tropical flower (pink and yellow daisy would be lovely), and a vintage touch of table setting.

I found the Vintage Drawer by very talented artist Vicky Trainor would be a perfect companion for the vintage wedding theme. I can't get enough to admire the details that she could provide, especially the linen embroidery (I always want to learn embroidery since I was little girl). She made to order, everything could be customize according to the color theme, from the welcome sign, favor box, menu and table sitting. I think the table sitting made from embroidery hop is a unique idea, also can be as a ceiling decoration on top of the table as well. Here I share few pictures from her studio. Enjoy...

Note: Click on the Vintage Drawer link above for her studio and click on the Vicky Trainor link above for her personal blog where she documented the making process.



  1. Those are some beautiful vintage-inspired ideas for wedding settings... I loved my wedding... I did almost everything myself and with friends, nothing THIS fancy, but it was perfect. Too bad my marriage wasn't! Ha ha. Oh well, my ex-husband and I are still friends, and that's important to me.

    Good luck on your friend's wedding preparations! Have a wonderful time!

  2. Shari, thanks for drop by dear... Hope one day you will have another one that you could dream of :)