Decoration hoops and accesories by Yali Paz

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Another wall decoration that I love beside beautiful photography is a simple to quirky decoration hoops. I think for a person like me who loves and prefer to have handmade decoration, making simple DIY decoration hoops is not a really tacky :). I can just buy hoops in various sizes and use my vintage textile that I collected for simple project to hoop on it. But if I want to have hoops with embroidery, quilt, etc then I sort of giving up and rather support Indie artist and purchase from them haha...

I am musing at Etsy a lot this few days just to do window shopping and seeking idea to cozy up my new home. When I search about decoration hoop I found this talented artist far away from Israel - Yali Paz Gilboa caught my attention. I am really falling in love with her work on decoration hoops, she combines felt collage and embroidery to create a vintage figurine. Brilliant!
And her handmade brooches are also very quirky, it can spark up a plain cardigan that we have right?

I really want to put aside some budget to purchase her decoration hoops, but my only worries I am not sure we are in Malaysia could get any package from Israel due to a political policy. Well, I ll see, but definitely I am in love with it :).



  1. Love how these women look a bit naughty!

  2. Oh my gosh these are lovely! So pretty, and their expressions are just so cheeky. Such a great find Fenny!