Etsy Malaysia art market's event

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Hello dolls, as I promised I will continue my post about Etsy Art Market, to share the picture about the events. To see about what I bought, you can see my post here.

I really enjoyed this type of event, where all the creative people get together, I feel very inspired and get creative my self. They are always lovely people. They are friendly and passionate to share about their products and the process of making it.

As I mentioned to you that I coincidentally met my favorite blogger at the market, She is Irene Hoofs the author of Bloesem and Bloesem Kid. I blog about her at here before and since then the blog thas become one of my daily inspiration. I recognize Irene's kids first, they are adorable like in the pictures, then I approached her and asked if she is the author of my favorite blog. She said yes, and I beamed :). We only had a very quick chat before we adjourn to our own destination to explore the market. From the very brief encounter I can feel that Irene is a very friendly and warm person and she cares about local artist community too. We took picture together like a fan and the movie star heee...(see below, sorry for my messy face, weather just so humid at that time). Ohh, Irene is a Dutch living in Malaysia with her hubby and 2 adorable boys. I really hope we can connect and keep in touch in the future.

Here are the pictures...



  1. That looks like it was so much fun! I want one of each! ;-)

    I'm following you on Twitter now. (@sunkitten)

  2. That looks amazing, I am jealous :)

  3. Looks like a great event to attend :)
    Love the colours, you seem to do that really well!

  4. How wonderful that you ran into Irene!!! I was excited for you! I have been to Irene's blog Bloesom before. One of the bloggers in the region wrote about her blog or something. I recognize it. Recently I only have the time to visit those bloggers who leave comments on my blog, so I rarely make time to go visit the famous bloggers I used to visit, but I need to make more time! I would want to take a photo if I see some famous bloggers! Great collages!