Etsy Malaysia art market's finds

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

As I mentioned earlier at my blog post that I visited the art market by team Etsy Malaysia last weekend. The art market was a small scale, very intimate and friendly atmosphere. I met many talented local artist and they are very lovely people. In this post I want to share my purchases during the marketing session. I will share the whole event (and also the famous blogger that I met during the event) at my next post.

What I bought are here :

1. Handmade notebook.
It is always my fave buy for art market hunting, I love handmade stationery especially notebook/pad where I can easily get creative with only admire the beauty of the handmade cover, coptic binding, embellishment. It is perfect to jolt down everyday task or as a mobile mood board. I bought from two different artist. the hen's hand silk screen cover and the kettle cover made from recycle paper I bought at Little Syam. The linen cover with cute vintage embellishment I bought from different artist which is I really can't recall the name (I am still searching the name card, so sorry about that) and the cute illustrator with paper bag gift kit I bought from Kaili . And this three gorgeous notepad will fly to the Netherlands and Indonesia as a presents to my dear friends.

2. Cute little things.
I also bought vintage design ring from my fave jewelery artist Mimpi Murni (I have necklace design by her too), I adore this cute little handmade magnet by Shopiesta (no online shop/blog at the moment) and also homemade Rose lib balm that smell really good by Bisou.

3. Ducky adopted by my daughter.
Dania adopted Ducky from Little Syam. If you bought them it come with certificate of adoption. isn't it so thoughtful? We named the cute little pink ducky, Thirteen. Why Thirteen? well it just sound cute..ahaa..

4. Business cards.
These name cards, of course I got it for free from lovelies artists. I love to collect nice, personalized and unique business cards. These cards are nested nicely at my mood notebook as an inspiration references. I will visit their website one by one and make friends with these lovelies. I always support local artist and it is good to be in the community as well (event I am not an artist).

I will be back with the event's post and pictures. So stay tune and please come back :)
Note: I really tried to take nice pictures, but so sorry it turn out to be a bit dull.



  1. Oh you have such a pretty blog :)
    Love the photos!
    I came here via Raining Umbrellas, looking forward to doing the course with you :)

  2. You're silly! Your pictures turned out great!! I love all the goodies you came home with! So fun! Can't wait to see the rest of your pictures!


  3. I think your pictures look great! I need to do more photographs...