Fashion in my perspective {exercise for Raining Umbrella - ecourse}

Thursday, May 12, 2011

What is fashion? there are few explanation according to at here. In my perspective, fashion is a defense mechanism, it helps the ego to cope with the anxiety (Sigmund Freud)... Ha it sounds so deep, in the plain manner, fashion is just a temporary tool to make us feel better, be it wearing a pretty dresses, sweet make up, bold accessories, therefore the effect is not eternal, once we undress, plain and naked, will you still feel better about your self? I hope the answer is yes :).

I took several pictures of women and their shoes, to be exact I walked around at my office and took picture of my female colleague's feet (they think I am nut), and asked them the same question, why are you wearing this shoes today? and the answers are the same too ' because I feel comfortable'. Don't you feel more confident when you are wear something comfortable?

Fashion evolved.....
But we are who we are....

PS: Thank you to my colleagues to lend me their feet to be exposed at my blog (the naked feet is belong to me :p)


  1. What a wonderful idea, Fenny! Thanks for putting such effort into your project. :) Tell your co-workers "thankyou", too! lol.

  2. You seem to have stylish coworkers! Where I used to work, there were mostly men, but the few women there were not very fashionable. Two or three, maybe. The funny thing is that everyone noticed all my different shoes. I have MANY pairs of shoes, and I love wearing them... but my favorite ones are the ones that are cute AND comfortable!

    Great post!

  3. Chanel is also my fashion (read style) icon :)
    Lovely feet photos! Nice colleagues you have :)

  4. I'm so sorry that Blogger erased all of your comments, Fenny. I love this project! What a great idea! I really like the graph paper and the way you framed the photos, too. :)

    Have a great week, Fenny!