Home project#2: Kitchen

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Hello dolls, I feel so guilty I abandon my own post series that I created few week back, the series is called 'home project', what's inspired me for doing our minor renovation and decoration for our new house. Here is the number 2 of the series, if you missed number one (about nursery room), you can read it here.

My hubby told me we should be able to get the key and start doing renovation within 2 weeks from now, so I'd better start faster to complete this series as actually I gathered raw idea and pictures sometimes ago. I just need to journal it here before the idea is flown away and forgotten.

Our new house come without furniture but has a built in kitchen. Unfortunately I do not like the kitchen design, it is not really our taste, therefore we do not have much budget left to tore the whole kitchen and rebuild new one. It is not our priority yet for now as we spent much at flooring and other room that has empty furniture. So we are thinking for now to just pain the wall above the kitchen counter to add more color, currently the wall above the counter are half ceramic half white color wall, we might pain it to earth brown color and add open shelves to display my vintage glassware collection that I collected over years through flea market hunting. Till then when we really have a budget already I might to change the kitchen cabinet to white color and add more cabinet on top of the counter.

Here is the kitchen that ideally I would love to have, white, sleek and cozy. Because we believe kitchen is the heart of the house where we spend our intimate time as a family, preparing dinner together and having a cozy chats.

The open shelves ideas are like this gorgeous pictures below, I might just buy the shelves from IKEA which provides few basic color that we need.

The kitchen concept at the house is an open kitchen, once we enter the house (it is a condominium unit actually), on the left of the main door is a kitchen already, it connects to dining hall and living hall as well. It is important to make the kitchen view pleasant yet still functional. We have wet kitchen at the back and people won't be able to see it from the living hall. As a normal condo unit in Malaysia we always has two kitchen spaces, one is dry kitchen one is wet kitchen, I think because of the nature of Asian cooking, they use stove for a very heavy cooks, like deep frying for example, that is why the wet kitchen is always at the back of the house to provide a better air ventilation.

Below is the kitchen view that I took from the wet area (the walkway and the side of the kitchen counter), I am thinking to install a full size chalk board or magnetic aluminum board beside the fridge to add touch as a cozy decoration yet functional (to write or pin messages or recipes). Chalk board will have a side back though, it can be very dusty sometime and to install such a full size board will be a hectic as the surface is not the same level (half ceramic tiles and half wall). If it is too difficult I might just put a nice vintage table as a serving table and put some wall decoration on top of it. And will add a colorful tapestry rug to cover the kitchen tiles as we do not intent to put wood flooring in the kitchen for practicality.

What do you think about the rough idea to transform my dull kitchen to be a cozy one? I am confused haa...

{Images are from sfgirlbybay - home tour, smile and wave - kitchen cabinet display, The Yvestown -kitchen cabinet display}



  1. Fenny

    I love the kitchen inspiration you showed; completely understand you!

    Your kitchen also has potential to be really cosy and white (the last one is easy, paint). As you say, Ikea would be a good option :)
    The chalk paint also seems really nice and your daughter could do some drawings :D

    Looking forward to seeing the new finished kitchen :) I'm sure it will be lovely!


  2. A kitchen is very important to me, so I would say yes; make the best out of your budget. Did you know you can also spray paint the cabinets (in Holland they have companies who can do that for you, perhaps you have some over there too.
    x Iris
    ps Here is my kitchen: http://irideeen.blogspot.com/2010/09/kookliefde.html

  3. hi Fen... renovating a kitchen can be both entertaining and nerve wrecking. Entertaining coz we can imagine what we'd like our kitchen to look and feel... We'd dream of cooking and entertaining family members while enjoying our lazy sunday morning in the kitchen. Nerve wrecking when we see how much it would cost us to get the kitchen we want... siggghhhh...

  4. I am missing all comment at this post, I really hope I get back as the comment from my friends is really important to share the thought with me :(