Ilustration by Tabitha Emma

Monday, May 30, 2011

Opps... I did it again! I actually promise my self not to buy anything for decoration before we done with our ground works for our house. Anyway, old habit never dies haha...
I never really profound to have illustration as a decorative pieces at my home, because I am not sure how to choose one. The only illustrator artist that I admire so far is Camilla Engman, her illustrators has personal stories. But when I introduced to one young talented artist by my teacher -Simply Hue at e-course that I attended, I am instantly in love with her works. She creates few things from handmade accessories, digital images and also illustrators. She is Tabitha Emma the sweet girl from down under country :).

I bought her two illustrations (the type writer and the phone) to put at my study room. I am thinking not to frame it but to stick it on the wall using washi tape, I think it would be lovely and simple. The other two illustrations (the cupcake and tea cup) are also very lovely to put in the dining hall, but I try not to over buy for now, may be another time :). Here is the link to her etsy shop, please visit if you have time, you won't be disappointed.


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