One small creative thing a day {part of Raining Umbrella assignement}

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I created small collages project for seven days {last week}, A mini mood board that I did at my Notebook to collage what things {or more what a fundamental things} that inspired or sparked or cultivated my creativity. This exercise is a part of my e-course - The Raining Umbrella, but I really had fun doing it, I plan to continue to do mini collage using this Notebook, because the idea keep flowing and I can't afford to stop after 7 days. Here is my collages in not particular order/priority.

1. People/Friendship
I value friendship as much I value family. Having a good friends who always support each other in our daily life is important for me. And surround with a lovely people makes me confident, having positive mind and be creative.

{this picture is me at college with my good friends - young and positive :}

2. Foods
I love to eat haha... who doesn't? I relate culture with food, whenever I visited new places I never miss to taste the local food. As Asian, I enjoy food with rich flavor of spices. I sometime experiment to put different spices at my cooking and I guess so far it turned up well haha... I love being creative with my food.

{collage of my fave spices}

3. Textures
I love to play with textures, my daughter now also enjoy to play with textures (her food, her snack). I don't know how to sew, but I plan to buy sewing machine for my own birthday present this July and start to learn simple sewing project. I love to collect scrap paper, textile, button, ribbon and many other things for my simple project.

{few of my scrap textile and button collection}

I am a magazine junkie, I used to subscribe many magazines, but due to financial wisdom haha... I now only buy the past issue magazine, because it is much cheaper and I only need to read magazine because it makes me creative visually. I love home and garden, interior, and fashion mags. lately I craze about anything made of leather woven, inspired by Anya Hindmarch spring/summer 2011 collection.

{leather woven products}

I love flowers, any flowers, but my fave is daisy and peony, though I never seen real peony my whole life, we don't have it here :(. Flowers makes me happy, it can spark a positive mood in the gloomy day. I love to do simple flower arrangement with my vintage vase or just a simple bowl.

{flowers collages, images from various mags}

6. Flavor/smell
Some flavor or smell makes me calm, happy or energetic ha... I love the smell of peppermint tea {and the taste too of course} when I am in the mood of writing or just reading inspiring blogs. I also love the smell of scent candles to spark a cozy ambiance. And when I am in tension I love the smell of any fresh bake cupcake or dessert {and eat it}.

{collage of my tea collection}

Color is a must in creative world. Don't you agree with me? I always love pastel, earth, basic color. But I don't mind bold color once in a while for focal point furniture, weekend shirt or pillow cushion.
{my fave color palate}

Do you also has a habit to collage what inspired you? I would like to peek too :)



  1. Hi Fenny! You put so much heart into your projects...I just love it. I read every word and looked closely at every page. BEAUTIFUL!!!

  2. What a wonderful idea! I LOVE the flavour & texture pages. Definitely going to have to do this myself!!

  3. So very powerful, colourful, tactile ... It makes me smile. I really love it, also 'cause I can feel it comes right from your heart and it expresses the importance of the senses for you in an original way. To me it shows the love for life and nature and the beauty of it. It does something to/with me :-)

  4. How fun! I love your pages of inspirations and creativity! You've made me feel like being more creative at home, again... I've been saving it for the glass blowing class! My studio is a mess right now. (Shame!)

    How is Dania? I hope she's back to full health!! xox

  5. Fenny I love your project! I love the little things in bags attached to the notebook the most! Love love love!
    And yes, colour is very important and you are so good with it :)
    Thank you for sharing, it's such a beautiful project you have!