Paris inspired by Little Brown Pen

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

It is bit quiet here recently, I miss my friend's comments :(. I guess when you are a bit in chaos (moving house, meet deadline, etc), you kinda need a warm support from a good friends :).

I am still busy with my new kitchen-renovation process. We decided to use IKEA storage and shelf solution to add life in our kitchen. And I already fast forward my mind how to cozy up the kitchen with a suitable decoration. My hubby sometime has a little argument with me about the way I think. He is a very practical person, he will address the important things before secondary things take place. Example, he will more concern about how to install the better piping, water facet, etc. While for me, I tent to wander about the finishing up, which is I know it is not so practical when we need to get the ground work done first :).

Recently, I obsessed with anything about photography as a decoration pieces. If you read my previous blog I already choose few romantic vintage photography for my dressing corner. And I have few more photography in mind to cozy up other wall. I am not sure is it wise to decorate wall with only photography or I guess I should mix with different media.

But for kitchen, I strongly want the "Paris color projects" from Little Brown Pen. I always feel inspired by the view of Paris city or generally an overall view of Europe cities. When I was in Italy and Switzerland I took every nook and crook of the city like a mad woman. My kitchen wall will be light gray, which color series below will be suitable to cozy up the wall? I am thinking contrast color will be better to make the wall a bit lively. Or I should just stick on the "market theme" to suit the kitchen.

Your advise will be very useful for me. I love to hear opinion :)

{all image are from Little Brown Pen - shop}



  1. Hello Fenny,
    I think a little bit of red or yellow will be a great addition to your kitchen's wall
    just a small dose of it will be perfect

    Good luck ! :)


  2. Dewi thanks for the advise, I need that, I also think yellow is good choice.

  3. Yes I agree, yellow is cheerful and fresh and a great color to use in the kitchen!
    x Iris

  4. Fenny, or maybe a bit of mint green ? think it's fresh for a kitchen wall.

  5. Wow, so many themes to choose from... it's a tough choice. But seriously, I think anything you pick here will work great. Can't wait to the end result of your renovations.

  6. I love all the images you included! great inspiration & colours.
    I love Ikea. They have this really cool chalkboard paint that I plan to use on one wall in my kichen when I have a house. I've always loved the idea of a french bistro styled kitchen

  7. ladies thank you so much for the opinion. I think I will with yellow or red. as much as I love pink and mint green, but I have to remember I also have man in our house (read: my hubby) and he been bit complain of my decoration choice is tent to be too girly haha...

  8. Hi Fenny, thanx for sharing this oh so beautiful images. I didn't know Little Brown Pen-shop and I'm so glad I know it know :-) Good luck with the kitchen and don't hesitate to experiment with the colours, although I am absolutely in love the yellow and the red theme and I think they are the most timeless too. Dear greetz, me