Monday, May 2, 2011

{The apartment}

It was a long weekend (Monday was a labor day holiday). We had a very good weekend. Few major highlight:

1. I visited Art market by team Etsy Malaysia, and I met my fave blogger at the event... I am so delightful as I am a huge fans of her. I will share at my next post about my visit to the art market and also the highlight about my surprise meeting with her.

2. I visited Home exhibition and finally after contemplating fix or not to fix, me and my hubby paid the down payment for our laminated wooden floor for our new house.. yay! so relief (and also bit broke financially).

3. And I ate a lot. For a while I thought I am pregnant again (as my appetite increased), but apparently I am not preggy, I am just greedy.. hiks!

We went to super hip place called the apartment at city center where served the yummiest pavlova, and I ate the whole big portion by my self (well I share one small spoon with my hubby though)


and after

I will be back soon with more post of the major highlight. See you soon.xo.



  1. It sounds like you had a lovely weekend! I did, also, but not what I thought I was going to do... still fun! Great pics of the pavlova... yummm.....


  2. We are picking strawberries here, it is the season. Self pick and freeze for winter, but also a lot to eat now with cake and cream..

  3. Fenny, I´m also pleased to know you ! through blogging.

  4. Hi Fen! great post! especially the eating part. hahaha :-) Looking forward for more post!