Romantic vintage for my dressing table inspired by Alice W

Monday, May 16, 2011

Hello dear friends, How's your weekend? was it exciting, relaxing or did you do anything interesting? On Saturday after we had breakfast indoor at the local shopping complex, well... it was not our ideal breakfast for Saturday morning, normally we'd like to spend our breakfast at the local coffee shop at our neighborhood, outdoor and enjoy the morning breeze. But this few days, there are really heavy haze from our neighborhood country (also my home country), Indonesia. Every year without fail we are in Malaysia will suffer from the haze and heavy air pollutant because of Indonesian are burning the forest for a fast way to recycle the old tree (which is very irresponsible).

Anyway, we went to the shopping complex that also has the biggest flea market every weekend. I've been searching a dressing table for our new house and the searches so far was a fail attempt. I am looking something vintage, uncommon and yet versatile, I feel I deserve to be picky to choose my dressing table where I normally start my day to be with it, do my hair and make up or sit and choose what accessories that I want to wear to match my dress, you know girl and dressing table suppose to be a best friend. Currently what I have in our recent house (that sold out with the furniture) is just a normal build in dressing table attached with the huge wardrobe from the previous owner, I wasn't in control to do anything about it. But this time is different story as we move in to empty place and need to furnish our self.

Until last Saturday when I just strolled with my hubby and Dania, I saw a table stacked with many papers on top of it calling me to be closer and look into it. haa.. exaggerated I know, and when I went closer I immediately knew that my long searching was ended there haha... I found a table that I want. It is actually a 1930s goldsmith table with two drawer in a medium size, just a perfect size for the space that I allocated for the dressing table. It made from a very sturdy wood, in the surface had few groove and aged quiet well. I love it. I just need to do the cleaning and may be varnish it with darker wood color or white color (still undecided) and add a custom made mirror with rustic gold frame at my regular shop where normally I made my picture frame. I will post the picture when I am ready to showcase her..hehe...

Then, like usually Sunday lazy day I always like to window shopping at Etsy. Trust me, I couldn't afford to always visiting Etsy, because I normally end up buying something from there. But this time I was visiting with the intention, to find inspiration how to decorate my dressing table. And I stumble upon the work of gorgeous artist, Alice W photography. I adore her instantly, it is beautifully romantic photos that she captured in a very soft tones, I love it. And She also curates and sells vintage finds at her other shop called AliceLookingGlass. I eye picked the items that I would love to have to accompany my dressing table and there will be four choices of vintage photographs by her (as below), I will frame them into rustic gold frame matching my mirror, also I eye picked four vintage things that I would love to have as a display at my table. It would be a vintage book to put as a based for my vintage bottle with a fresh flower on it, a floral dishware to display my everyday jewelery-ware, vintage comb for decoration and also old dictionary papers to make handmade garland and hang it in the mirror.

What do you think? How will you want to decorate your dressing table? Do you prefer someting practical or whimsical like I do :)? And how much budget you willing to spend on it? So far I only spend USD55 for the 1930s gold smith table. If I would like to purchase the photograph form Alice then it will be additional USD25 for 4 photos. For the vintage decorations I am still considering it if I can get some locally, so I can save on the postal cost.

I would love to hear the sharing from all of you, so I can get the ideas from others too.
Happy Monday.



  1. Very lovely Fenny, and I´m curious about your table and mirror. I like it whimsical too, a bit of antique, some bohemian chic, industrial furniture, (but in our country, it's so expensive), Eames furniture (even more expensive, hahaha, just hoping and dreaming) and adore fleamarket finds...just a mix of everything...

    Have a lovely week !!!

  2. A dressing table should be whimsical, for sure! This is mine:

    x Iris

  3. Lovely inspiration, thank you Fenny. I still need to check out Instagram, can't wait for a bit of time :)

    My dressing table has a mirror and photos and a jewellery box :)

  4. The gold smith table sounds like a steal!!!

    I don't really have a dressing table, but I do dress up my dresser and use it as my dressing table (omg, how many words derived from dress can I use in one sentence?)

    I LOVE the idea of whimsical - I have a gold framed mirror and tons of jewelries hanging - I think we can always balanced both whims and practical.

    It's a fabulous idea to decorate it with those photographs - because it won't take that much space but still add that touch of romance that you're looking for. LOVE the standing white ornate mirror!

  5. It's so lovely dressing table and I think the above stuff can be great choice to be beautiful. I would love have the mirror for my dressing tables and hope to make me more beautiful too.