Rustic, blue and blink Inspired by Anya Hindmarch Spring/Summer 2011

Monday, May 9, 2011

Hello dolls. I am back at work today. I thank you so much for your kind comments and wishes for my daughter. She is still in the hospital for chest infection but she gets much better. We've been lack of sleep for 48 hours and my eyes is like a goldfish eyes, my brain slowly recover from the blurry thought, I am still sleepy and have a little bit of sore throat, but I boast my self with high dosage of vitamin C to stay healthy so I can take care my daughter at night together with my hubby (he also is very tired). Today my mother in law helps me to take care of her when I am away to work. It made me think I should start to think seriously about working part time or stay at home, so I can take care Dania and not worry so much all the time... oh well.

Anyway, there is so much about me, today I would like to share a collage picture that inspired by Anya Hindmarch Spring Summer 2011 Catalog. Last week the catalog arrived at my mail box, when I open and flip on it, I immediately in love with the color palate (deep blue), the rustic and vintage feel on the mood board at the catalog and of course the bag collection it self. My favorite choice goes to the blue and beige woven leather bag with tassle detail, very classy and sophisticated.

I love bags, every girls has their craze about things in fashion and style, my weakness is bag. I don't own Anya Hindmarch's bag yet and I tried to stay away from the front line fashion brands nowadays and more toward handmade to support Indie artist. But sometime I am slipped :). My last trip to Italy, I bought few bags that cost me a fortune to save back the money.

{my Anya Hindmarch SS 2011's mood notebook}

I love to dig in Pinterest whenever I want to feel inspired visually and here come the story of my today inspiration.... I've been finding a not so expensive yet a sweet way to decorate my new dressing table, and I think vintage bottle will be beautiful, I can display many shape and sizes, leave it empty or once a while fill in with fresh flowers or just baby breath filler. I also been searched idea for a reading chair to put at our future reading room, where I can sit comfortably to read my book and spend my quiet time. Our reading room will have a rustic book case made from Mahagony Indonesian wood that I bought few months back and I think the coffee sack upholstery chair will be a perfect companion (in my imagination).

I also inspired by the queen's tiara (I don't think so she is the real queen of England) at the catalog, I love shining - blink things haha... really. I am not fan of rap music that usually connects with big diamond and yellow gold, but I love to wear bold accessories once in a while, a touch of blink won't make hurt of the eyes right? I just got my self a pair of lovely earrings made from scattered Swarovski cyristal that I will wear during my good friend's wedding dinner this weekend.

When I flip the catalog, I also imagine the smells of the summer here in Malaysia and that would be a humid woody smell at the forest, I've been wearing 'So Pretty" parfurme from Cartier for the longgest time at my 'always change parfurme' history. I love the woody mixed flowery smells from So Pretty that makes me feel so feminim. also, I always connect a rustic design with a smell of fresh baked cocoa cupcake with vanila buttercream frosting. That's the yummiest smell that I ever imagine.

I can see my self sitting in the rustic design style reading room and having a cup of peppermint tea and butter cream cupcake while I am writing this post :) How about you? do you once a while has an imagination and transform to visual collage? if yes, please share with me, I would like to visit and imagine while reading it :)

Collage picture sources :1. Heaven Vintage, 2. John Lewis Simon Chair, 3. So pretty by Cartier, 4. Layla Grace, 5. Streetnoodles, 6. Cupcake - Pinterest, 7. Blue color splash - Pinterest


  1. So sorry to here about your daughter, hope she get well soon. Take care !!
    By the way this is beautiful !!

  2. Oh no, I hope your daughter is getting well soon. And wish you have more sleep!

    This is a lovely, lovely post and that John Lewis Simon chair is calling my name. Hello :)

    It's nice to see a fellow Indonesian having a design blog, we certainly need more! I'm a BYW student also and found you from Kaho's blog. Your newest follower :)

  3. Sorry to hear about your daughter, hope she recovers quickly! Big hug!

    Your mood board is lovely :)