Vintage tin's inspirations

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Are you vintage's tins collector like me? I love to collect tins. Well it started with vintage or old tins from my flea market finds but it continues with all kind of tins packaging from biscuits, sweets, etc that has a unique design, then lately it continues with ready made decoration tins too . I think I am a tin hoarder haha... well at least I did not collect my daughter's formula milk tins, if yes I would have tons of it. I am not sure is tins consider a green packaging? and I am also not sure how our country recycle them, I really feel bad when I bought my daughter formula milks, but it is really the price is cheaper in tins and in boxes. I can't help to throw so many tins in a month :(.

Therefore tins can be a great decorations for flower vase, stationery container , wall decoration and also use to compliment your garden. In here vintage tins is not that cheap, some seller sells at USD 6 for small size of square tins that only can store few of hair clips or earrings. But We don't have to spend so much only to buy tins because nowadays some tins packaging are very nice design, I collected few tins from my favorite biscuits and sweets that I bought from local and few countries when I travelled.

Here some pictures that I gather to get some idea what I will do next with my tins.

{image via Pinterest with these original sources: 1.Tokketok, 2.Martha Stewart, 3.Allprettylittlethings, 4.Bvweddings, 5.plainjanestyling}



  1. Great ideas Fenny, thanks!
    x Iris

  2. What a brilliant collage Fenny! Really pretty and inspirational. Makes me want to go vintage :D
    I'm not a collector like you, but I really like what you're doing... tempting... very tempting... :)

  3. I love vintage tins, especially with flowers in them! these are great inspiration photos... makes me want to go look for some tins this weekend. :)

  4. What a pretty post Fenny! I also have a thing for tins; tea tins always catch my eye! Xx Megan