When in Rome

Friday, May 20, 2011

Hello dear friends, I am glad it's finally Friday, I have the rushiest week that I could imagine. And I hate when I do not have time to chill in, seems my brain works till the time I go to bed. I event has difficulty to sleep this few days, sigh. Today when I wrote this post it is almost midnight here, I settled my daughter and she sleep soundlessly near me, my hubby went out to have a drink with his few old friends. So finally I have little time for my self before another busy weekend tomorrow. We just got the key for our new house, so it is surreal now haha... I need to start packing again, making call to our suppliers, contractors, and it has to be done in within 2 weeks before we move in. I can foresee it will be a busy week ahead again, so I gotta use this little moment to wind down.

How are you doing? I really hope you all have more relaxing week than me :). Some of you notice once in a while I wrote traveling post. This blog is not meant to be a traveling blog, but I feel I sometime like to write my traveling experience, because along the journey I always found something inspiring, creative, beautiful, etc, and I should documented here at my space to express about what inspired me.

I will be traveling to Thailand on June for short gateway with my girlfriends and to Singapore on July with my family, and may be follow my husband to Los Angeles for his business trip. So I thought I should share some of my experience and picture when we were at the beginning of this year traveled to Italy, and we visited Rome for few days.

Rome is so inspiring for me, beside those touristy area (i.e. Vatican City, Colosseum, etc} that I do not need to elaborate more as it is of course must visit place when you in Rome, but what I love about the city are the cozy cafe, the unique indie shop, the expression of the languages and the irresistible pasta.

I do not like crowded area, it makes me dizzy and feel uneasy. So to avoid that, we walk into back lanes of the city center, and I found gems in the quiet area. There are cute and sometime very tiny shop at the back lane that selling various stuffs, I also enjoyed hanging out at the back lane cafe, they are pretty cozy and serve fresh pizza or pasta with a good wine in a very reasonable price.

Our hotel was a four star in the suburb of Rome city, it is at the very quiet residential area overlooking the hill. I love the building that built since 100 years ago with high ceiling and midcentury design, with the same price that we pay we may only get BnB at the city, so it is pretty good deal as bus station is just within walking distance and it will bring us to the major places within 30 minutes. Not bad at all.

We really took easy to enjoy the city, we had breakfast every morning, took bus to the major attraction, then we spend the remaining day walking, hanging out at the cafe for coffee or wine several times till night to be back to hotel.

Here is few picture to share....

{view of our hotel and Vatican museum}

{Colosseum and Romans Forum}

{food galore}

{things that we found}

(street, shop and cafe}


  1. I loved seeing Rome through your eyes! Beautiful photos! I think it's a good idea to post about travels since you have so many waiting for you! LA will be a long trip, but it will be fun! Thailand with your girl friends! How fun!! I look forward to seeing your future travel posts!! Kaho

  2. Love the photos of your trip and how you've put them together in themes! The round corners of the images are brilliant!