at {home} and happy {weekend}

Friday, June 17, 2011

Good morning all (Malaysia time). Today I decided to stay at home and take a day leave from work, so I can have more relaxing weekend tomorrow. I was a bit stressed for the past one week because of moving house. I thought I can handle it easily but it was not, It worst than baby blue. I feel a bit overwhelmed with the changes, the chaos, the new environment, etc. And also a little argument with my hubby, Nothing serious, it just we have few different way to handle the chaos :).

But today, when I woke up I told my self, I want to enjoy my day. I was spending a moment at my balcony and enjoying morning sunlight and peeping people swimming before I typed this post. I need my quiet moment (Dania is at nursery and hubby is at work). I need to plan to be calm and in control to handle the changing. I believe in life we are all have our own challenges, we made mistake and we learned from our mistakes and life goes on. I have such a good and beautiful life that God bless me abundantly so I do not deserve to complain right? haha...

My agenda for the resrt of the afternoon is I am waiting for my curtain guy to come to fix the curtain at our living hall and bedroom (oh... finally we will have curtain after a week I was so afraid I will forgotten my self be naked in the And after that I will have lunch with my hubby and heading to Ikea to buy few important stuffs then will pick Dania from Nursery and spending the rest of my weekend with a peaceful mind, and for that allow me to sign off early today. Happy weekend lovelies...

{corner of my balcony}

{a view from my balcony}

Note: We stay in Condo at the city, our unit is at high floor and facing swimming pool. The place that we stay is surround by housing area and golf club.


  1. oh my !
    Fenny, what a stunning view you have !
    That swimming pool is so inviting

  2. I would love to have a swimming pool outside of my house! My baby loves the water and it would be so fun to bring her swimming all the time. I remember doing that in Hong Kong when I was young. But that doesn't happen often here in SF :(

  3. Oh wow!!! I am so jealous!!

    I hope you had a great, stress free weekend & was able to get the relaxation you needed!