Caravan - the unique shop

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

When I was small I was always fascinated with people living in Caravan, and I am still now. I remember when we had holiday in the mountain of small village, we can rent the pavilion or Caravan, I beg my father to rent the caravan, but he preferred pavilion :(.

I found this cool shop called Caravan owned by the author of Modern Vintage and Flea market style book (link here) - Emily Chalmers. The books that line up for my next purchases. The shop is located at Shoredicth, London. I wish I live there then I will be the number one fans to visit her shop regularly. I love the collection of the shop, it is classic, vintage and romantic style. I especially adore the hand printed wall paper by Deborah Bowness, it is really look like real images and really can vibe up your space instantly. I also love the cutie pie angle wing candle, simply lovely. The shop is available online for certain items, so I still had a chance to purchase few of these collection...yay!

Do you have favorite shop that appeal to you? the uniqueness, the design, the collection? I would love to know if you do not mind to share the link in the comment session. I found out it is always inspiring to see all those creative shop owned by Indie designer or creative peeps around the world.

{all images are from Caravan}


  1. Dearest sweet fenny, you have such a beautiful space here and i'm so glad i came on by from BYW group. :)
    This shop has really awesome collection. :) Thanks so much for sharing.
    I was also reading your about page and you have such a beautiful family. Your daughter is soo sweet and beautiful. :) Oh and how wonderful to find another creative soul so close to home! Have a lovely merry happy mid-week and love to you!


  2. such a cool shop, thanks for sharing it. I love this kind of quirky vintage vibe it has going on. I'm going to pop over to the site ASAP. x