Five little secret

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Today I want to share five little secret with you about my relationship with my blog. I have this post idea when I was sitting at the meeting this morning and feel so tense up. Well I love my job but sometime it will be nicer if only I can spend more time to write, mingle and connect with other lovely souls around the world through blogging :). Ok, here they are....

1. This blog is a secret affair.
I am just wondering if your spouse /partner/family member is following and posting a regular comment at your blog? Because mine is not, my husband knew that I have a blog and I really like to write things that inspired me. That’s it. He ever asked me what is my blog URL but I am very reluctant to reveal and prefer to treat my blog as a secret affair from him. May be I am not ready and I don’t really fond with the idea of my hubby will pop up once in a while in the comment section and wrote ‘ Oh.. so sweet of you, I love the idea..blabla’ (which of course I love those comment so much from my lovelies friends) but a comment from him? It makes me go gaga.

2. My ideas sparks instantly
How do you generate idea to write a topic at your blog? Do you pre-schedule your post? I write daily about what I am inspired at that moment. If really nothing to spark then I prefer not to write. I serve my blog with honesty and everything that I wrote is come from my heart. Therefore several times I tend to fall to the trap of "what people thinks about my topic", I am still trying very hard not to write something to please certain people. Prefer genuine over manipulative. Finger cross that I can be consistent :)

3. I sneak out for writing my blog

I have full time job that not allow me to have ample time to write at my blog. Even my job is quite flexible, I do not want to take for granted the time that I suppose to dedicate my self at work. So how normally I manage the time to write when the idea sparks? I allocate my lunch time (I had quick lunch) to write or when I sit at the coffee shop waiting for my next appointment or at night when my daughter already asleep. Sometime it can be very challenging as much that I would love to write more but it seems it so little time. But when you passionate about something I guess you will always make time for it, right?

4. I visit other blogs regularly
I take friendship very seriously. I always allocate my time to visit my blogger friends, they are my source of inspirations, sometime I am not able to read all, sometime I take turn to visit them, but I make a point I will always visit them. Their friendship and support are matters to me. I also visit influential blogs (those blogs that I put at my ' inspiration daily' column). Oh Twitter also a good source too, I often click on the link that my friends tweet about their latest blog update. How powerful the social networking can be!

5. And I have a dream....
I have a dream that I can be an entrepreneur and full time blogger someday…. I am working on my dream and I have faith the day will come…till then I walk the path that I made…

Is my little secret also part of yours too?...I would love to hear yours :). Have a blessed day lovelies.

Note: all images are from Kristi's photographs , the owner of A Life Through The Lens at etsy, if you like her photograph you can visit her shop here.


  1. This is such a lovely and honest post. I too find it hard sometimes to carve out time to blog with everything else that goes on in life. It's funny though since starting my blog I often think about how I can turn the everyday into an occasion worth blogging about for example setting the table nicely for dinner and taking some photos. I hope you come closer to your dream! hugs, Nina

  2. and I have a too! that I can quite my current job and do the things I will love to do..fulltime creating and selling in combination with the things I purchase from flea markets..I know some day this will come true, hope so!

  3. Totally agree with you.. I kept this a secret from my husband too. It's another side of me that he doesn't really need to know. He does know that I blog but I just keep it in my own world. I can't imagine him reading my blog... It's kind of romantic to be a little mysterious...:)

  4. Thanks for the lovely comment ladies. These are really made my day. Your support are always dear to me :)

  5. what a lovely blog Fenny! I have enjoyed exploring and come back often. I can relate to your comments about time contraints, but like you, I find the time because I love blogging and making new friends around the world.

    Sometimes I feel like blogging has enhanced my enjoyment of my regular job. By learning how to blog, there are some things that come more easily to me now. I work in a job where we use new technology and I often find I pick it up quickly, due to my blogging experience.

    I'll be back ;)
    I was in BYW, too)

  6. This is truly a "speaking with your own voice" post. Beautifully and honestly written. I love the look of your blog. I still haven't figured out my own header design or even the look of my blog (I don't know how to design it!), so congrats on this! Will stop by every now and then!

  7. I love this post, Fenny! Very creative! Glad i get to know about your little secrets.