Hadyai {Thailand} - the thrifty town

Monday, June 27, 2011

Hello, me with my travel post again, I promise I won't turn this blog to be a travel blog haha... today is the last post for my traveling topic till my next travel.

I just want to share few pictures and short story for the tiny town that I visited last week. There are things that I always consider when I visited new places. The street/local market, the food and possibility to visit handmade shop/artist and I am lucky this time I found all.

I visited handmade weekend market at the shopping complex near my hotel, found few talented artist, unfortunately peeps in there not so fond about handmade goods, they are still haggling for it :). And some artist are really talented and have an amazing works, but lack of creativity and identity. I really hope someday they can broaden their horizon and mingle online with other creative people around the world (that I doubt they are now). Here are few picture that I took during the visitation in the handmade market.

And here is street market, with plenty of bags and bags and other things in the whole row of the street.

And this is the floating market that sells local foods, the sellers were friendly and no haggling, it is fixed price shown at the head board of the boat. The variety of the food looked really appealing but we did not dare to try because from the first day we arrived and we tried the giant prawn from the street seller, it gave us stomachache after that.

That will be the end of my traveling post. Till we meet again for the next trip to Los Angeles on 9th of July 2011.


  1. Wow, this looks so fun. Makes me want to make a trip to Thailand! Well, sounds like you're making your way to the U.S. soon. If you ever come to SF, I have to take you around. :)

  2. So colorful, sounds like an interesting trip.

  3. Jeanne, I really wish I can go SF. keep in touch by Twitter, want to ask you few Qs..:)

  4. Shopping paradise! Wow, I would have totally blown the budget there!