Happy weekend

Friday, June 3, 2011

{image: Christopher Stott}

I wish you all a very good weekend. Our weekend will be fill with lotsa of packing time. I have to pack our wardrobe, shoes, and little things that still left unpacked. And I really throw or give away a lot of our old stuff while doing our packing. Our moving date is getting closer so let's pack!



  1. You're moving!! How exciting!! I hope your weekend will be very productive! I love the excitement of moving and clearing my home. I need that little pressure to clean up my home. Good luck!!

  2. Yay! I can post on your blog again! Woot woot!

    I hope you enjoy your packing this weekend and make the most of it. It's always a good time to get rid of things, donate things, and find space for your new life!


  3. Moving is indeed the best time for de-cluttering; good luck with that and the packing!

    Have a very good weekend, Fenny :)

    See you next week xxx