home project # 4: Living room ideas

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Hello my friends I am back with my home project' series, and today I would like to share a little update about our new living room and the ideas that I found at the Rue online magazine. Our renovation works are getting almost 60 percent done. We only need to install our wood flooring and wall paper at my daughter room next week, then the ground works are consider done, thus soon come to the fun part, decorating it :).

The majority color of the living hall is light gray with one feature wall color aqua blue. Actually my living hall, kitchen and study room are all connected together, so we use two tones of gray, light one for the majority and darker gray to some wall at the study room and kitchen area. The one that in the picture below, that is my living hall wall color (light gray) and my small corner of study room are combination of light and darker gray. But in the picture it looks like dark gray and purple..haha... And we will install the walnut color wood flooring for the entire house (except my master bedroom and my daughter room are different color of wood).

I love of the entire feel of the living room of both pictures. Clean and sleek, a lot of natural light and cozy with pictures and painting decorations.

We still use some of our teak food furnitures for our study room but recently we bought Indonesian Mahagony wood table as TV cabinet and 1950s vintage wood cabinet for a displays to put at our living hall. My husband love Indonesian teak, he find it very exotic and nice to have, but growing up in the country that teak furniture could find abundantly, I tent not so fond about it :). Therefore I love Vintage cabinet, so we compromise in combining these two choices. Below picture particularly inspired me how to display my vintage cabinet.

We did not buy sofa for our living room. I love my old sofa, it is like a sofa bed that both of us can sit with our feet straight :). But we sold our old house with the sofa as well. For our new living room, we bought mahagony wood day bed (similar color like our TV cabinet), and I order beige linen cushion for the base of the day bed. I will soon decorate with colorful pillows and throw to make the day bed cozy and stand out as a center piece of the living hall. This below picture certainly gave me an inspiration.

I really hope our living room project turns out well, but if not it is ok, I can accept imperfection, I believe it spice up our live and furthermore decorating a house to be a home are also a journey not a destination :)

{all images are from Rue online magazine}


  1. I can comment again! i'm back! Yay! I've been trying after every post you've done!

    I think that the photo of your living hall is very nice... even if the walls are purple! :-)

    It looks like you have a lot of exciting ideas for your home, and I agree, it's a journey to make your house a home. It changes and improves with more love and more life. xox

  2. It is defenitely a journey; my home is never finished and I hope it stays that way. Looking forward to seeing the room once you have moved!
    x Iris

  3. Lovely lovely photos and inspirations! I cannot wait to see how you decorate your newly renovated home. I love the light gray in your living room! I find Indonesian furniture beautiful. It's just too heavy for us to move around as we have weight limit for our shipment... But, I would love to have at least one piece made or purchase during our time here.

  4. All of these living rooms look so dreamy. Looks like you got lots of decisions to make!