House and new theme blog updated

Monday, June 13, 2011

Hello dear friends. How is your weekend? I really hope everyone has a good weekend. Ours was just chaotic (with boxes), tiring and little argument here and there :). Our house doesn't have internet yet, hopefully we will get it this end of this week. So today during lunch break at office I thought of giving you a little update about our moving process at our new home.

We started with a very hectic Friday when we should moving I also got sick. So can you imagine the tiredness and the chaotic. I had to put Dania with her Granny as our new home is still very dusty and lotsa of boxes. During weekend we manage to have Dania's room tidy, and for temporary we also sleep at her room, we have no curtain at our bedroom and living room yet. The curtain only up this coming Wednesday. At Dania's room we installed roller blind, so it all done.

Boxes are 90% gone, we made a point we want to immediately unpacked the boxes, but we still need to buy few cabinet and storage. So my books and few big ornaments are still lay on the floor. And small ornaments are in the few cabinets available. Kitchen are 80% done, Living room and the rest of the room still need few touch up.

I know decorating will be forever never finish at one point. But we tried to finish up all the functional things, so we can have our normal home tidy back.

Oh, I also have new blog theme, but really still need to tidy up. Sorry about that (if you so happen click the link and empty), bear with me haha... I still figure it out how to use the horizontal tab. Anyone can help me in this matter? How to use them? how to link my post to that tab? Anyway, my new blog theme was designed by Violet my ex classmate at BYW class. You may check her website if you consider to redesign your blog theme :). Do you like my new blog theme?

And here I share few snippet of corner of my house that I took using my iPhone and post it at Instagram. I at some point need to make our home cozy event we are still in the middle of opening our boxes :).

{corner of my dressing table}

{corner of my kitchen}

{this three last pictures are corner of my living room}

I will share more at before and after post if our house are more equip :). I hope you enjoy.


  1. Poor you. Hope you can relax a little bit now. Don't expect everything to be finished right away. Moving is never a one day process. It will slowly become your home. Day by day and room by room.
    x Iris

  2. Oh Fenny, I LOVE your new blog design. It's feminine, clean, uncluttered and easy to navigate. I am working on a little redesign myself but still need to figure out where my blog is heading exactly. I feel I want to branch out a bit more and share more of my personal projects (sewing, crafting) and not just interiors. We'll see. Off on our holiday now. Hugs, Nina

  3. Sweetie, I can't find your email address on your blog site.... Can you let me know? I can send you some info about where to go in LA....

    Love your new look! So cute! I need to do a lot of work on mine... just haven't had time, and don't know how!


  4. Fabulous new blog theme, just like your blog...! Tesca xx.

  5. Both house and blog are looking FABULOUS :D