Kitchen at a glance

Thursday, June 23, 2011

This morning I woke up early because We 've been told that there will be water distribution in our unit started at 9am, so we quickly shower before we heading to work, and while waiting my daughter to wake up, I enjoy my morning routine at the kitchen, cleaning and tidying up. My kitchen finally looks like a kitchen haa... my hubby built the additional Ikea kitchen counter with white cabinet as an additional space for our rather small kitchen. And I really love the reflection of the morning sun at our kitchen wood flooring. I feel very warm and cozy.

When you see our original kitchen previously (link here), we do not have shelves above the cabinet. We decided to install Ikea shelves which turn out very useful to store our kitchen utensils. Nothing much to decorate, I am still waiting for my 1950's cupboard to be arrived and I will place the cupboard at the side of our future dining table and store all my vintage glasses, plates, etc to that cupboard. Currently all these goods still hiding inside the boxes.

We do not have built in oven (I wish I had), so we bought microwave cum confectionery oven and place it at our kitchen counter top. it is a bit waste of space, but I can live with it for now, till we have more budget to have built in oven into our below kitchen cabinet.

{left view}

{right view - the middle is our gas stove and hop}

Here are few decoration that I put to cozy up the kitchen yet functional. Funny enough I do not have plates and bowls yet, we gave away our old one (except my vintage collection). The one in the picture is the only daily plates and bowl we had. So I have a reason to shop for my table setting :). We install Ikea kitchen magnet at our wall, the purpose is to stick the recipes or our meal schedule, but for now I just stick my hubby old childhood picture till the kitchen fully utilize and I will stick few of my fave recipe that I would love to try... finger cross!

And another thing, we do not have dining table yet. It is not easy to decide which dining table and chairs we want to have. I feel it is life long commitment, the table will be a place to serve our daily meal, the place that we dine as a family, so I want it to be cozy, functional yet suit our home concept. And it is not easy to decide, so most of the time me and Dania often picnic at out living room floor for our dinner or breakfast meal, my hubby said we should decide to buy the dining set quickly ( a protest why I take such a long time to decide).

{please do not leave any knifes/harmful kitchen object when your kids around, right picture I took when Dania wasn't around}

That is my kitchen for now. I am sure will continue to evolve :). And forgive me for the pictures quality. I took with my iPhone camera this morning.
Have a nice day!


  1. Fenny,

    It's looking good. Actually, they're looking good! Both your new blog design and the new kitchn.

    On the contrary, we don't have a microwave :D

  2. lovely style Fenny. I can see you've really put your own stamp on it!